Friday, October 27, 2006

Whats hot and whats not?

Phew, have you heard the leaked 3 songs from KingDom Come? This comeback is shaping up worse that Sugar Ray Leonard and Hector Camacho bck in 97? Yopu know the one whee that big mouth road runner knocked the great Sugar Ray out in 4 rounds.

Thats how thios album is shaping up if you listen to the comments from people who have listened to those 3 leaked songs.

Show Me What You Got is garbage. Lets be honest and not be a spinelss groupie. I actaully think Chingy has better songs than that.

Kingdome Come is better but still not up to par.

Lost Ones is the best leak but still, why have 3 deifferent situations on one theme. Cant his dead nephew get 3 full verses out of him, or Dame Dash? And I dont know who the fuck he talking about in the second verse but maybe Beyonce about to get dumped like Arrested Development. That analogy isprobably dated but I couldnt think of another one.

Still, good news, Def Jam has the no.1 market share for Hip Hop so whop dee do.

I'm Back Like Herpies.

That shit is back and fuckin with a nigga.

Anyway, Look out for some more spopradic posts that dont make sense.