Tuesday, March 07, 2006

JJ Evans in New Cam Video

If you actuallly think this is an interesting beef then Cams new video got Jimmy Walker from in it pretending to be Jay. He also didnt seem to clued up on the fact that they were indirectly dissing him by saying Jay resembled him, as in, weird looking. Here is what he says:

I don't really know, to tell you the honest-to-goodness truth," the 58-year-old said about the video's plot. "There was actually no script. You know me, I did a lot of improv. They said just follow the action and go for it. They rolled up the video and I did what I do. ... I did my thing and everyone seemed to be happy with it."Cam'ron took some girls from me [in the video]," Walker added, providing a little more insight. "I gave my look, my thing I do. There was a little upsetness. He had his posse with him. I didn't have a posse so his posse out-dueled my posse, but that's it."

Still, on the whole beef thing, Boooring.

Anyway, Jimmy has an interesting view on life and politics though, i'd never have known until stumbling upon his website where he is MR. Right Wing. Pretty much has a staunch far right view on everyhing, which he is entitled to I suppose, but I would never have thought this goofy dude from back in the day was like that and all mad at everyone, still, it takes all types I guess. Check him out at:



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