Tuesday, March 07, 2006

About The KRS "blowup".

Read about the whole KRS VS Adisa blowup at a debate forum, and to me its a non issue, as in, no big deal, just passionate men being passionate about their beliefs. REad Jay Smooth over at HipHopMiusic,com, and this dude yet again on some PC ish, I like JAy but you cant sanitize everything to death keep on mothering shit.

I thought to myself, big deal about the whole square off, if KRS getting mad at a Kung Fu/Hip Hop hybrid dogging him,so what, and if its the other way round, so what, just dudes letting of steam. but the bloggist in Jay has him automatically condescending KRS like he's a kid and not a fucking powerhouse in this hip hop shit. I respect Adisa and dont undermine his dedication to his hip hop philosophys.

I like Jay but he need to chill on the hip hop nanny ish, these are 2 grown ass folk who can look after theirselves, no one was "acting a fool", just clashing, cause thats what happens in real life, people clash and then hopefully get over it.

Anyway, here it is going down.



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