Thursday, February 16, 2006

Liverpool's Reina:" I Hope Barca Score 8 against Chelsea"

“Barcelona are a part of my life and I want them to win,” Reina said. “And after what happened at Stamford Bridge, I will be supporting Barcelona even more. I hope they score four goals in each leg and that we beat Benfica, so we can play against Barça.

“I admit I did wrong (against Chelsea). I deserved a yellow card for the foul on (Eidur) Gudjohnsen outside the penalty area, but I did not deserve the red I got.

I went back to the goal area and the referee called me 30 metres to show me the yellow card. During those 30 metres, Robben started making comments to me and when I pushed him off, he threw himself to the ground.

The only consolation for me was that all the media took my side and criticised the Dutchman (Robben) for diving.”

Lol, no love lost between Chelsea and Liverpool. And after Robben did Swan Lake agains Liverpool a week or so ago and got their goal keeper red carded, lets just say you wouldnt want to meet these lot down a dark alley, might resemvle Michael Jackson's Beat It or something.

Anyway, wednesday is the big rematch, Barca V Chelsea, and I dont know who will win, it was a toss up last year, and after some gamesmanship from Chelsea the sneaked past. Bot Chelsea and Barca are playing crap at the moment after domnating the early season, but its probably just a small bad patch. I suppose I want Barca to win, Ronaldinho needs to add the Champions League to his medal collection to confirm his greatness.

Still, its hillarious listening to Chelsea and Liverpool throwing kiddie insults at each other.


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