Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I was thinking about this. Normally, I do not care about Hip Hop acceptance from manstream, but when I look at the love Kanye gets from mainstream people, especially people like Jim Derogatis and co, I was wondering, but what about the real Charlie Parkers of Hip Hop. I love Kanye, a great artist, but not an innovator on any level whatsoever.

That does not matter so much, but what about the people that made the game what it is now.
We all agree everyones dick is hard for the South right now. Everyone and their mama is on some southern fried dick right now, even Oscars, Village Voice, Christgau, all the liberal caricatures from Woody Allen movies are really "down" with it, yo.

Well, will we see some love for 2 Live Crew, formally known as "a bunch of moronic niggers just cussin", will we see that miami bass music they did which influence the south and its musical styles. What about Geto Boys and Scarface in particular, will we ever see that nigga up for a best Album Grammy? Will Jon Parales or Robert Hilburn ever write essays on why these great artist have not gotten their due. These guys to me are the Sly Stone's of the game, I was shocked to learn that Sly Stone had never won a grammy. Well, we now look back on what a genius he was.

I just wonder what about the true innovators. I have never seen Jim derogatis or Greg Kot talk about Marly Marl the way they talk about Kanye. I have never seen them talk about Geto Boys the way the talk about Outkast ( Who are great innovators so I aint mad at their love ). UGK is getting love, especially from liberal whites, and they deserve it, but will they ever get up at the grammys and get best song? I am not an epert on this shit wahtsoever, you need to be a real geek to keep track of this shit, especially when you have other things going on in your life.

I just do not want us to forget the real talent out there. Cash Money Millionaires, also formerly known as " a bunch of niggers just cussin", and this is from the music press, not Fox news watching suburbanites, and I'm like, the mainstream music peole are ignorant to a degree.


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