Sunday, February 05, 2006

Give Kanye The Grammy

Everyone hate the grammys, oscars, golden gliobes, me i like all that shit, sad i know, but i like that type of shit. now, i have hated on thisbrother in the past, i dont know why, i just felt like it i suppose, but for whatever reason, i want him to win the best album, if pazz and jop has gave him best album last 2 yrs, 1st since the mighty The Clash, i think America should reward their son. If not Kanye then Mariah, if not mariah then Gwen, then U2 or Macratney.

Who else should win? I like Gorrilaz, John Legend, Common, Kelly Clarkson and someone else. fans hate the grammys but ask the artsit, this shit means a lot to them. Ask Quincy Jones, alwass rightfully telling us about his 29 grammys, or Stevies 19 frammys, or Richard Pryors 5 grammys, they mean a lot. If i was a musician i would want a grammy despite the fact there are so many categories that i will be surprised if there is anyone out there who dont have a grammy. still, Fact that Timbaland never even got nominated for producer of the year 1 time is a catastrophe, but music history will be kind too him.


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