Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I was thinking about this. Normally, I do not care about Hip Hop acceptance from manstream, but when I look at the love Kanye gets from mainstream people, especially people like Jim Derogatis and co, I was wondering, but what about the real Charlie Parkers of Hip Hop. I love Kanye, a great artist, but not an innovator on any level whatsoever.

That does not matter so much, but what about the people that made the game what it is now.
We all agree everyones dick is hard for the South right now. Everyone and their mama is on some southern fried dick right now, even Oscars, Village Voice, Christgau, all the liberal caricatures from Woody Allen movies are really "down" with it, yo.

Well, will we see some love for 2 Live Crew, formally known as "a bunch of moronic niggers just cussin", will we see that miami bass music they did which influence the south and its musical styles. What about Geto Boys and Scarface in particular, will we ever see that nigga up for a best Album Grammy? Will Jon Parales or Robert Hilburn ever write essays on why these great artist have not gotten their due. These guys to me are the Sly Stone's of the game, I was shocked to learn that Sly Stone had never won a grammy. Well, we now look back on what a genius he was.

I just wonder what about the true innovators. I have never seen Jim derogatis or Greg Kot talk about Marly Marl the way they talk about Kanye. I have never seen them talk about Geto Boys the way the talk about Outkast ( Who are great innovators so I aint mad at their love ). UGK is getting love, especially from liberal whites, and they deserve it, but will they ever get up at the grammys and get best song? I am not an epert on this shit wahtsoever, you need to be a real geek to keep track of this shit, especially when you have other things going on in your life.

I just do not want us to forget the real talent out there. Cash Money Millionaires, also formerly known as " a bunch of niggers just cussin", and this is from the music press, not Fox news watching suburbanites, and I'm like, the mainstream music peole are ignorant to a degree.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tonight is The Night:Rematch.

Ok, BAd predictions last time out, this time though, not saying nothing. Who will win? I'll go for a draw. I'll be wrong.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tonights Champions League Games:

Real Madrid-3


I'm only checking from the UK teams progress and forget about Rangers for now but thats how I see tonights games. Arsene Wenger has a secret plan fort tonight I dont know what plan that is maybe a getting my ass whooped plan but i can only see one winner, as for Liverpool I dont klnow this team are very strong in europe cause the defend to death but so what that how you win this ish.

TI-What You Know.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Alan Smith Out For 12 Months.

Did you see that injury, sick, dislocated ankle and broken leg at the same tim, Thank GOD it is not career threatning and apparently has has around 12 months out of the game, sadly, he wont be seeing the world cup, which must be heartbraking as it is a dream of every player who pulls on a jersey.

On another note, Manchester United are out of the FA Cup, and have only the league cup to play fror, not sure what the Glaziers make of all this, but not cool to see Fergie not go out with the glory his career deserves.

On to the Champions league. I'll have a preview of all the matches coming up.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Apprentice 2 coming.

I actually enjoyed the 1st one, a bit better to me than the American version, although I liked that one also. You remember that brother, the 1st black winner of anything in England, which is like a world record now or something, i think he was called Tim. Anyway, Sir Alan is comedy and i gonna watch this shit.


Morientes Calls Out Neville ahead of Fa Cup Clash.

Remember when Gary Nevlle, a posh lad from Bury, did his hard man act after Rio Ferdinand scored in the dying seconds of Manchester Uniteds recent game against Liverpool, well, that pissed off a lot of Spaniards that play on Merseyside, and well, this shit is still playing on their mind, although newspapers is just milking this shit and hyping the clash this weekend.

I am actually looking forward to it and anyway, United need to win this and even then I dont think an FA Cup is what they want, this season is not what they expected, but the thing is, they have so many great players, I mean Rooney is probably a top 5 player in the world today, Ronaldo on his day is world class, Van Nistleroy has scord what, 19 goals already this season, and a bunch of young talent and shit, they really should be doing a lot better.

Liverpool of course are on a renaisance, apart from winning U KNOW WHat last year, their league form until recently was crazy, even betterthan Chelsea, winning every game. I think they will finish either 2nd or 3rd which is a huge improvement and confirms Rafa Benitezs credentials.

Anyway, we shall see this weekend.

Here are Morientes quotes by the way:

"I firmly believe no-one on the Liverpool team would have celebrated like Neville. If I score on Saturday, or any of the other Liverpool players score, we won't run to the United fans. For certain we will celebrate with our own supporters.

Neville's goal celebration caused a lot of controversy last time. But the match was very tense and there was a great deal of nerves at that moment."

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Liverpool's Reina:" I Hope Barca Score 8 against Chelsea"

“Barcelona are a part of my life and I want them to win,” Reina said. “And after what happened at Stamford Bridge, I will be supporting Barcelona even more. I hope they score four goals in each leg and that we beat Benfica, so we can play against Barça.

“I admit I did wrong (against Chelsea). I deserved a yellow card for the foul on (Eidur) Gudjohnsen outside the penalty area, but I did not deserve the red I got.

I went back to the goal area and the referee called me 30 metres to show me the yellow card. During those 30 metres, Robben started making comments to me and when I pushed him off, he threw himself to the ground.

The only consolation for me was that all the media took my side and criticised the Dutchman (Robben) for diving.”

Lol, no love lost between Chelsea and Liverpool. And after Robben did Swan Lake agains Liverpool a week or so ago and got their goal keeper red carded, lets just say you wouldnt want to meet these lot down a dark alley, might resemvle Michael Jackson's Beat It or something.

Anyway, wednesday is the big rematch, Barca V Chelsea, and I dont know who will win, it was a toss up last year, and after some gamesmanship from Chelsea the sneaked past. Bot Chelsea and Barca are playing crap at the moment after domnating the early season, but its probably just a small bad patch. I suppose I want Barca to win, Ronaldinho needs to add the Champions League to his medal collection to confirm his greatness.

Still, its hillarious listening to Chelsea and Liverpool throwing kiddie insults at each other.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Jay Dee Passes.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grammys was good.

yeah, i enjoyed it, it was good escapism, i liked paul mcartney and jigga doing that shit with linkin park, i also like sly, what a legend, people is hating casue it is their nature, shit is corny, on to the oscars.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Busta Shooting

RIP Israel Ramirez. More BS. Pray for his family.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Give Kanye The Grammy

Everyone hate the grammys, oscars, golden gliobes, me i like all that shit, sad i know, but i like that type of shit. now, i have hated on thisbrother in the past, i dont know why, i just felt like it i suppose, but for whatever reason, i want him to win the best album, if pazz and jop has gave him best album last 2 yrs, 1st since the mighty The Clash, i think America should reward their son. If not Kanye then Mariah, if not mariah then Gwen, then U2 or Macratney.

Who else should win? I like Gorrilaz, John Legend, Common, Kelly Clarkson and someone else. fans hate the grammys but ask the artsit, this shit means a lot to them. Ask Quincy Jones, alwass rightfully telling us about his 29 grammys, or Stevies 19 frammys, or Richard Pryors 5 grammys, they mean a lot. If i was a musician i would want a grammy despite the fact there are so many categories that i will be surprised if there is anyone out there who dont have a grammy. still, Fact that Timbaland never even got nominated for producer of the year 1 time is a catastrophe, but music history will be kind too him.