Friday, December 09, 2005

Save Tookie Williams. Where are the hip hop Asians?

Look, I dont think he should be set free or anything, killing 4 people in cold blooded murder is bullshit. But this is America right, we are civilized righjt, do we believe in the death penalty? I know it is a touchy subject for Asian Americans because his victims were Asian. But this will show us who Asians are with, blacks or whites. Now, every writer on hip hop and black culture is Asian, so I think they owe us negros. They need to pay back a debt, and that is the debt of calling for the clemency of Tookie Williams. We know he has turned his ways around, and is now positive and for the kids. So let us abolish the death penalty, and save a mans life.

Oliver Wang, Hua Sua, Jeff Chang? Its over to you.

Also, that bitch Steve doocy on Fox and Friends this morning baying for blood, and baby factory Ed Hill also baying for blood. There is somethiong about black men in prioson and "educated" republican crackas talking about justice that makes me feel sick.

Until we abolish this shjiit, America is worse than China, Zimbabwe, Iraq for Human Rights.


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