Friday, November 25, 2005

RIP George Best.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sean Paul-Never Gonna Be The Same

i love this song just prove what is obvious, jamaica is the best at music. this is probably my favorite song on the album but it has a lot of other great shit on here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Carter 2 coming.

Yeah, Wayne relesing follow up to The Carter December 6, cant wait forthis shit.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Check Out Corrine Bailey Rae- Modern Minnie ripperton

She's got a great new Ep out called Like A Star, and its very mellow soulful music, Burt Bacharach, who should know, rates her big time, so do I. Heres her video to Like A Star.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Is Nellie Mackay the new Randy Newman?

Get Away From Me, came out last year, got hypes than forgotten about. Shit is dope, i like it. She need to sell more shit though. She a good rapper too, lol. She got a new album coming out look out 4 it.

Get Rich Ord die Trying Getting Jilled By Critics

I thijk is has like 15% positive at RottenTomatoes. Now, Jim Sheridan is a great director who did this fil,. In The Name Of Te Father, My Left Foot, In America, all modern classic that everyone rightfully praise, but now this 50 filmis getting trashed. Must be a bad movie. I doubt it, they just hate 50.

Reviews for Stevie Wonders new album

So yeah, i was readin some reviews of Stevie Wonders new album and as you know, nothing gets a criitic high like taking down a legend. I think Stevie's nature of niceness and love is not edgy enough for these losers to be honest. They probably only care about Nirvana type bands or something you know, something they dream is incediary and relevant to the times blah blah blah. Anyone who grew up on Stevie Wonder will love this shit. Old ass critics who are like in the 50's hating on this album yet dickriding new shit cause its cool are pretty patheric, on the real, imagine a 50 yr old bumping MIA or Arctic Monkeys, get a life losers, go take yo grankids to kindergarden or something.

Here is what the dud head from Sunday Times in London, where stevie is puttin it down right now, said:

"Gloopy balladry and formulaic funk, both serving lyrics of banal sentimentality or vapid sloganeering, have threatened his pioneering reputation. Back from a 10-year break, Wonder sticks like a particularly stubborn limpet to this particularly unlovely template."

Then he proceded to dickride LCD SoundSystem.

Look , i'm sick of people bringing up Stevies 70's classic, talking about how it did this and that for soul music, cause you know, these white gatekeepers of soul music really know their shit, and about how now he is crap, when i listen to this album i dont think this is wack, and i got all stevie's albums from the 70's. Innerversions, Talking Book, Songs in the key of life. Music critcsm is dead and wack, basically its who can be the first to dicover new trendy shit, who can be the first to make a name off a legend by trashing him, who can be the first to write a boring ass book about some music sub culture and talk about it for 24 hrs on NPR. This shit is fucked, just a shame that people like Stevie Wonder have to be subjected to talentless hacks who cant even play do re mi on a casio.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Is Naseem Coming Back?

One of my fav fighters of recent years, is saying he coming back. Lets hope not, after 3 yrs out, and after a points win over manuel calvo, i dont think Naz as good as he was and he too old for the light weights. Most lighter division fighters should be done by 30. We know some great exceptions to that rule like Azumah Nelson and daniel Zaragoza, but for the most part, We dont want to see a great fighter take a beating from a young fighter cause he too old. Nas enjoy your money and watch tapes of your great nights aagainst Steve robinson and om Johnson.