Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Beyonce, Oprah, Venus Williams to Play Bob Dylan in New Movie.

Does this make sense?

I didnt think so, but apparently this is about to happen. Its old news but I just found out about it. Todd Haynes will direct it, and he did a good film in Far From Heaven, so at least we have a non-hack that will direct it. We are already on Dylan overload right now with the Scorsese No Direction Home and the book Dylan released recently. This film will have 7 different actors play Dylan at different points in his life. Now I dont know why they just nominted all these sistas maybe he like black girls I dont know much about him and his preferences, but to be honest, I cant see Oprah doing it, she has a big ego and probably thinks Dylan should play her in a movie. Anyway, we wait with bated breath.


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