Friday, October 28, 2005

Nas gets on stage with Hova. Lol.

Well, if you want beef, forget it. Hova's I Declare War was some Ghandi peace making type ish. Its all good I suppose, a lot of this beef is boring anyway, still, looks like Nas getting on Def Jam cause he came on stage with Jay and did the hook for Dead Presidents. Thats probably the only interesting thing about this show because I thought Hova was gonna put G Unit on blast because they seem to be running thos shit right now. 50 is all over the media and he is not a good representative of Hip Hop and black people, he's too stereotpical and negative. Oh well.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Timbaland Got A New Label at Interscope.

This guy has lost a lot of weight as you see in Game video, he has shut down Beat Club and is starting some new venture with a new producing partner DanjaHandz. Nelly Furtado, Kerri Hilson are his first couple of projects. Look out for a new movement.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Burt Bacharach- At This Time

Yeah, look out for this, its about to be released on Nov 1. I heard 3 or 4 cuts from it and its great as usual. Bacharach is a legend and some of his music from the past is so beautiful to listen to. You probably need to lack any cynicism to love his shit which 99% of critics out there lack. What I love about Bacharach and his music is that it is the soundtrack to so many peoples lives. You listen to indie music like White Stripes and shit like that and while it is critically acclaimed, seriously, who will remember this shit in 20 years time apart from some dissilousioned kids rebelling in their day. Say A Little Prayer For You by Aretha Franklin is just one of the best songs ever. Raise a glass to Burt.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

RIP Nipsey Russel.

I remember this legend from The Wiz and WildCats. I think that is where I first saw him. Obviously way before my era but an undoubted pioneer and legend.

Beyonce, Oprah, Venus Williams to Play Bob Dylan in New Movie.

Does this make sense?

I didnt think so, but apparently this is about to happen. Its old news but I just found out about it. Todd Haynes will direct it, and he did a good film in Far From Heaven, so at least we have a non-hack that will direct it. We are already on Dylan overload right now with the Scorsese No Direction Home and the book Dylan released recently. This film will have 7 different actors play Dylan at different points in his life. Now I dont know why they just nominted all these sistas maybe he like black girls I dont know much about him and his preferences, but to be honest, I cant see Oprah doing it, she has a big ego and probably thinks Dylan should play her in a movie. Anyway, we wait with bated breath.