Thursday, September 15, 2005

Zadie Smith New book - On Beauty

A Couple of years back, she was the It girl on all these dorks that write Novels list and then basically people started hatin on her probably because she dont look like Benny Hill like most British writers. Anyway, she did a good book, White Teeth. Now I cant say whether it was good or not, because I dont read many books as you can tell by my writing technique, so I didn't have any shit to judge it by. But most books I do read, they didn't have the kind of big words and multi comma sentences that White Teeth used. So i think i can say it was a good book, certainly compared to books by Toure and shit.

Anyway, she has a new one just come out, On Beauty, just got nominated for a Booker Prize, which is the big deal in europe, only some badass writers like Salmon Rushdie ( muslim on the run ), and J. Coetzee ( white African ) and Martin Amis ( used to be a contender) won.

So, obviously, she's going places but you'll notice a few haters reviewing her books, probably some ugly fat bitch who cant get male attention. A lot of afro centric brothas with dreads dream about women like this you know, a fine sista with brains that went to an ivy league school. You know, the impossible. In real life these women are probably just as irritating as your average round the way hood rat.

Her new book can be bought at, and please support it cause we need some good looking authors otherwise people like me just dont give a fuck about these boring 500 page novels using words like " i was fond of that delectable garment" or shit like that.

PS She has 2 younger brothers, one is called Doc Brown, who is a pretty good Mc. He just dissed Common because of an interview Common did where he was against dread locked brothers humping on Snow White ( I agree and disagree, like Tony Yayo said, pussy is pussy, but still, you want to support the ghetto). Any way, check his music at HipHpGame UK or BBC 1xtra, I was surprised he was quite decent.


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