Friday, September 02, 2005

Why dont george bush save all this black people?

This shit is Christmas/Thanksgiving, Easter and The Ressurection of Christ all rolled into one for this man. This cracka, he want a black genocide, like the one he commited as Governor of Texas and he cant believe his luck right now. Maybe God spoke to him again, cause he already said he hears voices in his head at night. He is fucking up all the relief because he probably cant add up all the sums properly , that 10 billion is probably 1 million or something , I dont think this retard know what the fuck is goin on like Marvin Gaye, he on another cot dam vacation , ordianry hodrats would be so lucky to be on holiday as much as this slacker. anytime disaster strike USA dubya ina a bunker or on a horse in his KKK headqurters/ranch kickin it with Bill the kid.


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