Monday, September 05, 2005

Why do Pitchfork suck at Hip Hop analysis?

Just checked the Late Registration review. the dude that wrote it, probably more used to reviewing Nirvana or Franz Ferdinand, came out with this beauty "Kanye is the most interesting figure in hip hop in the last 5 years". " Kanye has done what Nas, Pharcyde and Jay Z couldn't do, deliver second time around". this dude knows his hip hop. Late Registration is a good little hip hop album for trendy Manhattan geeks and coffee drinking liberals to rock and shit, but this shit will be played out in 3 months time. As for the album being better that Jay's. Nas' and Pharcyde's sophmore efforts? I am too tired, cant even be botherd to explain why this is npt true, but goes without saying only a teenage newcomer to critical analysis would write that rubbish, but Pitchfork had a mighty 3 hip hop albums in their 100 best albums of the 90's. so their finger is definitely on the pulse of this music. Shit, Late registration is not even the best album released in recent memory. The Carter, Already Platinum, Most Known Unknowns, etc are more enjoyable that this art record. I think because they got that gothic weirdo Jon Brion on there with rockist beloved live instruments, is why this shit is dickrode so much. Still, props to Kanye on his NBC stance.


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