Monday, September 19, 2005

Vanderlei Luxemburgo? Back To Brazil For The Hack.

Three defeats in a row for Real Madrid. To be fair, this team has sucked for the longer than Friends. So I wouldn't solely blame this fella. Ever since Florentino Perez had a brain seizure and decided 2 Champions League and one La Liga a failure and bounced Vincente De Bosque, and didnt want to pay bigger wages to Claude Makelele. Since then, this team has sucked more than Nas's last album. They are still good, but not elite like all the spanish groupie journalists was lisping about. This fella Luxemborgo took over a joke team from whoever the last no name manager was.

Everyone with a brain has been saying, buy a holding midfielder. That bald Everton boy, Graverson, he aint no holding midfielder. He loks like he came from Transelvania or some shit with his Spock ears.

Those defenders are some joke ass clowns, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and they been there for how many seasons now? Roberto Carlos? Well, he used to be great, but to be honest the more I saw of him, the more I realise this dude is a liability for a team like MAdrid. All he does is shoot the ball at full speed along the face of the goal? Why dont Ronaldo or Raul slap him upside his head and tell him to pick out passes instead of that wasting shit? Ivan Helguera? Slow ass motherfucker. How many times have forwards left this dude for dead?

Get rid of Perez, whose vision for the club is more fucked than Angelina Jolie at this point. Its too bad, Real is one of the teams I used to enjoy watching the most. Zidane is way past his best, so there is no fun in watching him anymore. Ronaldo is the Oprah of football, this guys emotions fuck with his weight, some days he looks like an assasin, other days he looks like Luther Vandross before he copped it. Raul? Another one past his sell by date. He always looks miserable as well, like someone sleeping with his wife or some shit. Its probably Beckham? And what does this Baywatch supermodel bring to Real? I mean, apart from a good right foot and a Scarecrow always in view?

Only guy worth watching is Robinho, but this one kid can't carry this whole club. He should have gone to another club or just stayed in Brazil. He probably is not he smartest kid, this is like seeeing the Titanic after it hit the iceberg, and then trying to catch a trip on it. This club is gone. Hope I'm wrong, doubt it. This Luxembergo will take all the blame though.


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