Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Time for A Black revolution. Start Getting Tough with Crackas that dont conform to African progress.

I'm not AFrican American. Stop calling me that shit. I am African, fuck the American part. I aint part of this Capitalist Zionist crap.

Whats really bugging me is seeing white girls with Ak 47's in New Orleans killing black people. One thing to get shot by a big ass police dude, but now thay are clowning us by putting these evil bitches to shoot us. They already killed some brothas the other day. This is it, I had enough.

Look, as black people, I feel we are pussy. No one really standing up and getting medeval on motherfuckers. We just some people complaining and pigeonholed in the whinging section of Society. I feel the time has come to start a revolutuion. I wish New Orleans strat rioting and shit. Thats is what is going to let these white people we mean busines cause all the riots from Watts to Detroit to South Central never really reached to money part of town. We need to go there and just start shooting fools IMHO. I'm sick of this shit. I'm going Huey Newton on all these faggot ass white people and if we are serious about change, you need to join me. I aint from Oreo part of town and listening to " Oh, he speaks so nice" type shit. I aint that nigga, I'm the one that will shoot yo punk ass. The only way these white people are gonna respect us is when we become self reliant, have our own land ( give us the south. Our history is too intertwined to leave it), have our own government, have our own resources, ansd ultimately have our own respect. When you govern yourself, then people will be forced to respect you. Right now, we rely on these devils for too much. We gotta beg for shit, like that nigga Colin Powell, or we gotta be a sell out, like Stanley Crouch or Cojdoleeza Raice. I aint with none of these fools, I want what Marcus Garvey wanted. I want our own land right here in America. Whatever, keep complaing and keep getting clowned by Bill Oreilly, Rush imbaugh and all these fools making money from clowning us. If we kill them, they wont be clowning no more.

So, pick up a gun, knife, find the nearest crack and shoot that fool. We comin for whats our, so put up up motherfucker.


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