Thursday, September 01, 2005

Show Some love for Juvenile losing his home


Multi Platinum Artist Juvenile Evacuated and Informed that His Home is Gone

(New Orleans, MO) Tuesday, August 30, 2005 – Juvenile was just in the process of calming down from being evacuated from his home and city when he was informed this morning that his home is completely gone. He was preparing to conduct an interview for a news station when the news came.

"I am obviously devastated by my personal loss but thank God that I was able to get my family out to safety while many families were not so fortunate. I have lost some friends and to their families I send my deepest condolences. It is difficult to describe the feeling of losing friends, not being able to reach others and having all of your personal items destroyed, but I am still one of the fortunate ones to have my music industry family supporting me. Thousands of people have nobody to reach out to for support. Please keep our city, its people and our families in your prayers and please donate to the Red Cross."

"Our city of New Orleans and several other surrounding cities are experiencing total devastation. People have lost their homes, loved ones and all of their belongings, many of our folks in New Orleans don't have much to begin with and have now lost everything.”

According to the Red Cross they are not ready to accept donated items or volunteers but they definitely need monetary donations by calling 1-800-HELPNOW or online donations at People in need of crisis services can call Senator Mary Landrieu's Baton Rouge office at 225-389-0395 or if you are looking for a lost one, the Crisis Hotline is

866-615-8700 and is open 24 hours and has crisis counselors on hand. Additional charities accepting monetary donations include the Catholic Charities at 800-919-9338 or or Mercy Corps at 888-256-1900 or

Juve adds, β€œThe people that have been evacuated have nothing with them, no clothes, shoes, toothbrushes- nothing. Please be prepared to donate whatever you can.”


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