Sunday, September 04, 2005

"Ray Nagin is no rudy Gulliani". Shot the fuck up.

All thse conservatives are giving me a headache with " unlike 9/11, when we had a strong mayor". Lol, if Gulliani was Mayor on New Orleans, he would have left the black stranded to die. That racist fag has been the secong biggest killer of blacks. George Bush holds the record of killing ghetto bredren.

Also, These federal homo's aint give Nagin total control, he still having to vett everythang through a bunchh of rich crackas. These bitches in the media know how twist shit. Also, how come everytime I watch some news item on the shit, and they talk about race, they say its unfair to call Bush a Jim Crow scholar? They say "thats unfair" nothing unfair about it, bush likes a good little negro like Condolleza Rice who is more interested in playing wack ass Mozart or Beethoven instead of going to the ghetto. Some of these blacks have disgraced martin Luther King in my opinion.

Ray Nagin is doing the best he can, but Gof forbid, anyone get any Mayopral credit appart frome homewreckers like Gulliani.


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