Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pac screenplay to be made. "Live To Tell"

So, more Pac over exposure. Afeni will do anything to promote herself damn this bitch got no shame let thal little nigga rest in peace. Every year new Pac shit whether its a museum or staue or boulevard named after him this woman making her son corny. Now the story dont sound that interesting, about a guy growing up in the hood who becomes a drug dealer. Thats the first time a heard that type story. Not. pac was a great lyricist and dope actorand probaly a wack screenwriter, so lets leave that nigga alone for a minute i just think this Afeni want to be like Maya Angelou or something with all these book club readings and preaching. I lov Pac but when Afeni stands up and starts rhapsodizing her son I just get cold chills cause this shit is fake. She didnt even like him.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shut up bitch.

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