Saturday, September 03, 2005

My Respect For Kanye The Man Has Increased Greatly!

Good for you Kanye. And good for black people. What Kanye said on NBC telethon was brave and true. He had the balls that very few people have. He has the balls that Muhhamad Ali had in 1967 when he said " I don't have no quarrell with them Vietcong". That statement got ALi banned for life ( turned out to be 3 yrs) and Ali never backed down. And Kanye reminded me of that. Kanye is on the verge of true superstardom. He has been on Time, 5 Stars in RollingStone, which is rare for a black rapper. He is the name on all the trendy people's lips at society functions, yet in his heart, as the son of a black panther and professor, he chose to tell the truth. The truth is if New Orleans was not 70% black, thet leevers would have been fixed a long time ago. If New Orleans was not 70% black, there would be no "shoot to kill" orders. If New Orleans was not 70% black, there would be no " look at all these disgusting looters" bullshit you see from fat ugly wiomen like Rita Cosby.

Now, as usual, liberals have stabbed blacks in the back, and conservatives are shouting "playing the race card". Chances are Kanye is alone in all this shit because these liberals are all fakes to me. They just like to engage in non stop debate and bore the layman like me to death. The way the Democratic party abandons our community once we vote their decietful ass into power, watch all these Village Voice, Slate, NY Type liberal experts turn on Kanye. I bet some of them will say " that nigga dumb" or something, yet these same people accuse Bush everyday.

I already seen Steve Doocy talk a whole lot of nonsense of Fox this morning, and that oreo they got on there agreeing with that blonde bimbo in the middle. That is the difference between a descendant of Bobby Hutton and a yes massa no massa oreo. One of these motherfuckers is gonna get black people killed. He reminds me of Carlton from Fresh Prince.

500 yrs of slavery, 40 yrs of "freedom" and white people are crying. Pussy's. So for me, even though I didn't like his new album, as a person who stand for what he believes, i resepct Kanye.


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