Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mos Def Blast Bono-About time someone called this fake Ghandi out.

Davey D:

Forget about kanye West, it's the Mighty Mos Def has been on a serious roll as of late. He just released a song called 'Dollar Day for New Orleans (Katrina Clap) which is basically a remake of the Juvenile hit song 'Nolia Clap'. Here Mos Def brings some political heat as he raps about the government and the poverty stricken region left desimated by Hurricane Katrina.If that's not enough Mos Def saves some of his harshest words for Bono of U2. he questions his love for the ghetto and questions why he isn't here with his Live 8 machine when people really neeed him... Those words will definitely cause some controversy...One thing for certain, it sure feels good to see so many artists being outspoken and passionate for a cause and not some BS. As Mos Def noted the politics is where the real beef is at...


Blogger flesh daily said...

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What you said about Mos is on point.

I agree we need to keep calling shit as it is. Check out my posting on Kanye West. I have a link to the vid also.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as these so called "great comments" continue to completely ignore the faults and complete breakdown of the local and state governments during the hurricane and flood, their comments are ignorant and baseless.

7:50 AM  

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