Thursday, September 29, 2005


didnt see the game, but these games are always boring cause you have 2 defensive managers who are boring me to death. I expect these 2 teams to get to the knock out stages but damn, they need to step their attacking game up cause peopel are bored with this premiership bullshit, Champagne prices for fans and serving up coolade football.. I hope Barcelona win this shit cause I'm sick of this boring garbage winning Champions League. Last years final was great but before that I dont need to watch Liverpool again. Porto was the most boring shit ever looking to steal 1-0 winsn shit.

Barcelona or Real Madrid or Ac Milan otherwise this shit is dead. Benitez damn play some offensive shit and Mourinho spent like 10 billion dollars and these motherfuckers is playing like Wigan. What kind of manager gets Robben, Duff, Wright Phillips, Joe Cole, Essien and still play this dull shit? Arghh, sick of this motherfucker already.


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