Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Kelefa Sanneh being a little bitch to Coldplay.

Now i know all the bloggin dorks suck this guys dick like thers crystall in it or someshit, but this new age man who was crying when evil rockist was hating on hip hop, is now doing the same shit to Coldplay. I dont care about Coldplay that much, dont own any album but catch a song here and there and they are good. I enjoy their melodys now and again and am not offended. But I think power has gone to this dudes head, he is on a mission to get Mr. potato heads former crew as the best music in the world. This guy sucks police informant Curtis Jackson dick so much he probably gonna have kids that look like incredible hulk.

Big up Coldplay. Damn, music criticism sucks so much right now.


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