Sunday, September 04, 2005

How smart is Jim Derogatis?

After years of listening to this guy, I've come to the conclusion that he's pretty clueless and behing the times.

HE made a stupid staement on his last show. " Remember when Snoop was good?" What? Was that a back handed complement? Was he saying Snoop was good once? Cause I never heard roly poly praise Snoop before. I just think this guy has not got his love handles on the pulse of music. He looks ata genre, picks 1 or 2 people to prasie, then condems the rest of it. I just do not understand his reasoning. More sad is that he is intimidating mild mannered Greg Kot. Greg Kot dont really have a backbone, like a lizard. He's like an abused wife on that show, just agree with michelin man and you won't get ate up.

I just wish he would tell that gremlin to shut the hell up for a second and listen to this shit. Anyway.


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