Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hov about to expose Game?

Y'all remember those pictures of tu tu wearing Prodigy that Hov exposed at that Hot 97 SummerJam? Well seem like Hov paid 300 g's to expose Game in some footage we all know about. People think it is that relationship game show for people on welfare that he was on, but I heard there is some footage of this nigga with a transvestite at a club in the BAy area that is gonna be exposed, and another one where he is being a male stripper at some uppeclass white people hen party. Hov said he going at some rappers, and since Game is a schizo who praises you one minute, disses the other, he probably gonna have his career ended, thankfully. He's the worst west coast artist ever, even worse than Skee Lo. Hopefully Hov also go at that steroid capitalist who fucking up music right now.


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