Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Game Embraces his Mr. Potato Head

This Game is like a fucking Stan or something obseessed with G Unit. His head looks like a potato now that 50 has pointed that out. I'll never look at dude the same again, remindeding my ass of Sweet Potato Pie and shit.

Artist : The Game

Representing: Aftermath and Black Wall Street

Mixtape: UknowWhatItIs Volume 4

411: Game has heard the G-Unit calling him Mr. Potato Head and, surprisingly, he agrees. On his new mixtape, he raps about being the Mr. Potato Head 50 Cent created — but it's not the adorable plaything kids love. The Game's Mr. Potato Head is a monster. Once again he's taking his white gloves off and trying to lyrically destroy the camp. And if you think it's going to stop here, nope. He just shot a video for "Put You Onto Game" in Queens, New York, where he has a bunch of extras wearing "G-Unot" T-shirts. NJ Devil, DJ Skee and Big Mike help him put this one out.

Joints To Check For:

"Crack Music" remix by Kanye West featuring Game, and "Don't Body Yourself" remix by Nas featuring Game. Well, we've always wondered: What if Game actually rapped on "Crack Music" instead of just appearing on the hook? He answers our question here. While he doesn't rap a whole lot about crack, he does mention that his lust has shifted from Mya to Teairra Marí and Brooke Valentine. On "Body Yourself," Game goes after his old clique.

"I'm suicidal, this ain't a rap war, this survival," he rhymes. "The beat is a grenade, the flow is a automatic rifle/ So send your soldiers home ..."

"Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" extended remix by Sheek Louch featuring the Game, Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss and Fabolous. Listen very carefully to Beanie Sigel's verse. There's some extra bars in there we haven't heard before on the earlier version of this remix. No surprise with Game's verse. He goes at Tony Yayo: "After you flop I'm taking your fans/ Give you a reason to do that dumb sh-- with your hands."

"Palm Pilot" by the Game featuring Money Mike. Game takes a break from going at the G-Unit to strike back at the Young Gunz with actor/comedian Katt Williams, who played Money Mike in "Friday After Next." Apparently Williams, who can currently be heard on Ludacris' "Pimpin' All Over the World," took exception to the Gunnerz calling his character Money Mike a fake pimp on "Set It Off." Katt raps over the Young Gunz's own beat: "Next time you say my name, put your bass in my voice .../ Why did y'all get pimpin' started?/ Y'all two young girls that still get carded/ One of y'all is trash, the other is garbage." Are we the only ones who think rap is totally out of control? Sigh!

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

DJ Smallz and Mr. Collipark's Collipark Music
DJ Kay Slay's Live on Shade 45
Kurupt's Against Tha Grain (independent album)
DJ Exclusive and AZ's Certified S.O.S.A. and Certified S.O.S.A. the Sequel
Eazy-E's Gangsta Memorial Edition (independent album and DVD)
Mick Boogie's Hustle & Snow
DJ Chuck T & Dow Jones' The South West Connect Gang
354 & Big Mike's Y.O. Stomping Grounds
GMG & Cutmaster C's Too Hard 4 HipHop
Wiz Hoffa and Mz Hoffa's Mr. & Mrs. Hov
All Star Trybe's Lay It Down
Chops/ Bun B/ DJ Lt. Dan's It's Going Down Vol. 2
DJ Bazarro's It's A New Era Vol. 1

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar

G-Unit featuring Mase, Mobb Deep and M.O.P. - "300 Shots"
Kanye West - "Late" (hidden track on Late Registration)
Lloyd Banks - "It's So Simple"
Peedi Peedi - "F--- Dame Dash"
Tru Life - "Lowa East Side"
ODB featuring Missy - "Lift Your Skirt"
Obie Trice - "They Wanna Know"

Celebrity Favs

Jamie Foxx, who's working on his untitled second LP with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Timbaland and Kanye West, is totally down with 50 Cent and his army. "I listen to a lot of hip-hop, man," Foxx said. "I think it's because I'm working on the album. I'm like a G-Unit freak. Young Buck, [I like] his vernacular. Dirty South, I'm from the South, so I'm digging Mike Jones. I'm not really listening to a lot of R&B. So G-Unit, Mike Jones, R. Kelly. The young cats. T.I.! It's crazy. Everybody is hitting right now."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

The LOX have made a promise: We will be seeing a video for Sheek's "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" remix with Jadakiss, Beanie Sigel and Fabolous.

"I got the all-star cast on there," Sheek said last week in Miami. "Its hard. It's killing the streets right now. We got Beanie Sigel fresh out of jail. That's his first verse since he's been out of jail. Styles went out to Philly and got him. Beanie killed it."

"It's the second time you heard us with him since 'Reservoir Dogs,' " Jada noted. "When we do collabos, we don't really peel out the Billboard and go for the top three people up there. We see who's gonna mesh right, who the people would like to hear us with. We think about everybody when we do our songs."

The LOX were in Miami performing at the Video Music Awards with Mariah Carey, and if you've been paying attention, the trio have been stepping their MTV game up. Last year Kiss rocked the pre-show, and this year they made the main show.

"As we take over the streets, we easing our way up to events like this," Jada said. "Get used to seeing the LOX here, D-Block here every year. Just to be onstage with Mariah is marvelous."

The LOX are close to releasing their first album of the year. Styles P's Time Is Money is slated for October 4.

"It's about a cool summer day," Styles said of the video for "Can You Believe It," which features Akon. "Barbecue, chillin' in the 'hood with my homies. I kind of took the Will Smith ['Summertime' video] formula."

"How ironic is that?" Jada jumped in. "Styles P taking the Will Smith version."

"It's a notch more ghettoer," Styles said. "I went left field on them. I tried to take it out of my norm."

Look for Jada to possibly get a new gold grill for his bottom row of teeth courtesy of Paul Wall soon.

The major-label game has been good to Slim Thug. His Already Platinum is certified gold, and he says Interscope Records has treated him so well that he actually signed his group Boyz N Blue to the 'Scope as well as to his Boss Hogg Outlawz label.

Thug and his crew, which includes Killa Kyleon, Sir Daily, Chris Ward and PJ, are already putting the LP together. Slim doesn't just have one group in mind, though. During VMA weekend in Miami, the Houston native said he's been in talks with a very close friend by the name of Paul Wall about getting together to record an album.

"I been talking to Paul, we been shifting the idea back and forth," Slim said. "We might be able to pull it off if we can get these labels to let it go down. I'm down with it. Paul Wall and Mike Jones, that's my family. We gonna make it happen."

From friend to foe. As you read here a few weeks ago, Slim and his boys recently released the mixtape Boss Basics with DJ Drama and they were bringing it to another H-Town hustler, Lil' Flip. Although Slim heavily dissed Flip and Flip's crew, Sqad Up, Thugger says the beef is now squashed and he wants to move on.

"I never had no problems with old boy, but it was one thing after another," Thug explained of his jabs. "He'd be wearing a shirt that says 'The Boss.' Then I'd be hearing things in the street. The city and everybody else calls me 'The Boss.' Then one of his artists from Sqad Up shot a [cheap dis] at me. That's when I spoke upon it. But it ain't nothing I'm looking for. It's supposed to be dead. [Our beef] is not really a good look for the city. As long as nobody messes with me, I'm not gonna mess with nobody."


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