Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Disgraceful review of ROLL BOUNCE in Ny Times.

Yeah, this film is not even aimed at old people, so why is people that like French New Wave sent to review this shit. This woman Manohla Dargis is a very bitter person. Sje dont really like films unless there some serious shit goin on like 21 grams or Constant Gardener. Why dont NY Times and all these other "intelligent" newspapers/magazines have a writer that specialize in teenage or childrens films. I bet a lot of kids will like this film, also, this high strung cow said it was only slightly worse than Undercover Brother? Well, if she didnt fing that funny se hasn't got a sense of humor and probably dont have a man either. That was one of the funniest films I saw and I just cant stand these uppity arty intellectual critics taking shit too serious. When she's reviewing Scorsese or Cronanberg yes use your education, but dont bring that same mentality to childrens fiolms, it shows lack of dexterity and short comings of a writer.



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