Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Crackas Stole Country Music from Blacks back in the day. Wtf with these white people.

Look, I don't even care about Country, its a weak ass genre and people like Faith Hill and that Kevin Costner lookalike Garth Brooks. whatever on this shit. But I was reading a book and basically, blacks as usual got jerked out of shit that was in the south cause you know white people were only concerned with lynching and shit back then. But blacks was doing fiddle and banjo music even before blues blew the fuck up then all of a sudden, we find these instruments in the hands of some southern white people singing some bullshit about their dead dog or something like faggot ass Carter Family doing some yodle music, and Jimmy Rodgers. I read a book on how all those southern motherfuckers were cheated out of shit. get more facts at this here. A good article by a Chinese dude.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

white people invented the instruments and owned the niggers. If you own a dog when it shits you own the shit, Same goes for music. If your not in prison or dead from aids I hope you rad this.

1:35 AM  

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