Thursday, September 22, 2005

Chammilionaire comin-Look out.

Just as one-time colleague Paul Wall debuts at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 with his latest album, "The Peoples Champ," Houston-based rapper Chamillionaire is plotting his own explosion into the mainstream. His Universal debut, "The Sound of Revenge," will arrive Oct. 25 and is led by the Scott Storch-produced single "Turn It Up" featuring Lil' Flip.

After appearing on countless mix tapes and rising to prominence alongside Houston artists like Mike Jones and Slim Thug, Chamillionaire didn't stray far from his roots while crafting "The Sound of Revenge." The set sports guest appearances from Bun B, Krayzie Bone, Killer Mike, Scarface and Lil Wayne, among others.

"Everybody is trying to make the same record like 'In Da Club,'" he told last December, "[but] every artist who has blown up real big came with something that was new. Look at 50 Cent. He was a guy who had been shot in the mouth and had bullets in him. Even if I did work with a big producer, you try not to do the same kind of records as everybody else."Before signing with Universal, which also established the Chamillitary imprint for the artist, Chamillionaire says he "got a lot of major offers, but they didn't respect what I'd already been through."

To make sure Chamillionaire's underground fans aren't left behind, "The Sound of Revenge" will be available in a limited edition with four tracks from the sought-after "Mixtape Messiah" mixtape.

Here is the track list for "The Sound of Revenge":
"The Sound of Revenge Intro"
"In the Trunk"
"Turn It Up" featuring Lil' Flip
"Try and Catch Me" featuring Krayzie Bone
"No Snitchin'" featuring Bun B
"Southern Takeover" featuring Killer Mike and Pastor Troy
"Radio Interruption"
"Grown and Sexy"
"Think I'm Crazy" featuring Natalie
"Rain" featuring Scarface
"Picture Perfect" featuring Bun B
"Fly As the Sky" featuring Lil' Wayne and Rasaq"Peepin' Me"
"Void in My Life"


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