Tuesday, June 21, 2005

News on Detox and Aftremath shit.

From Mellowman, Aftermath informant:

Before I drop a little info for you on the current status of things at Aftermath I want to give you a personal update. This will be my last post for a substantial period of time. One reason is that I am going to be too busy for the foreseeable future. Also, my current role with Aftermath will be changing a little bit and I am also expanding my own professional projects outside of this job. Without getting into any details please know that it has been an honor and a privilege to work (and to be able to continue to work) with such great people. Its been a joy to interact with all of you as well. We will speak again I just don’t know when. At certain points in everyone’s lives (and like Sam Cooke once sang) A Change Is Gonna Come. For me that time is now. Although my personal and working relationship with arguably the greatest producer of the last 30 years will never change, other things are changing.
Right now there is so much shit going I just wanna keep my mouth shut and focus directly on the music and my family. So once again, while you will not hear from me for a while, you will continue to hear me. But before i sign off I will give you a little update on things.
The Big Bang is coming. I don’t think there is any chance at it coming on July 19th though. The album is pretty much done. We are just waiting on Interscope to clear the true first single and clear a release date. I know some people have their doubts about this project but I wouldn’t be too worried about it. Dre and Busta still have that incredible chemistry. In my opinion Busta is the most versatile rapper out there. He can rhyme at the speed of light and he can also slow it down to a creepy menace, without ever losing the clarity of his words. As with Game’s album Dre has a lot of great beats picked out for Busta to tear up. I think its a killer album but you guys can form your own opinion on it when it comes out.
What is the reason for its delay? One is that Dre refuses to put something out until he is completely satisfied with it. When I say this I mean a strictly Aftermath release. That doesn’t mean a Em album anymore and it don’t include 50. Dre still has input on those but leaves most of it up to Em and 50. they both have earned that right to decide if they are happy with their album's or not. 50 and his G-unit crew work fast and don’t take a huge amount of time to complete projects. Whether that affects quality I don’t know. Some people say yes and others may say no. Interscope and 50 were confident they were good enough so I have no place to be critical - they obviously know what they are doing. But as far as Dre goes- Busta, Game, Eve and Detox definitely won’t come out until Dre feels the quality is there. Although Big Bang is pretty much ready there is a logjam at Interscope with releases. The main problem is that 3 of the biggest artists of all time - Dre, Em and 50 each have their own label that is distributed through Interscope. Interscope wants to spread these releases out to maximize sales. Right now Aftermath is prepping Busta, Eve and Detox. Em is prepping Obie and Stat and other projects, and 50 is ready to release Yayo and Olivia and in adddition to his movie soundtrack soon will be ready with 2 other groups. If I were to guess I would guess that Yayo and Olivia will get first priority because 50 is the big moneymaker at the moment. But hopefully I’ll be surprised and Busta will get released first, but i’m not holding my breathe. On top of that, some in house relationships have probably been permantely damaged, and that may go deeper than just Game and 50 (of which I have no comment in their ongoing battle- I’m just tired of it all - except to say is that every man reaches his breaking point to where he feels like he can’t just sit back and continue to take it anymore and rightly or wrongly decides he needs to respond.) Although I care deeply about 50 and Game, all I know is that I can’t let the negativity of other people affect me. I can’t control what everyone else is doing. I can, however, control what I do. Thats why I’m trying to stay positive and really focus in on the music and help Dre with whatever he needs when i’m working with him.
I will have one more post in a minute on a little album called Detox that you might be interested in.


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Of all the albums slated for release I'm most interested in Detox.

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