Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I Hope Serena Beats thos white girls at Wimbledon!

serena has fallen off a little and I used to love watching her beat those communist crackas. I think she has won 7 majors, her sister 4. They seem to have moved away from tennis after their sister was tragically killed in Compton. ( I bet everyone buys their childhood now and realise it was never a gimmick). One thing though, her and her sister are going out with crackas. whats that about. Add Tiger Woods, and whats with these motherfuckas. Also, Tim Duncan. That Domincan nigga not representing. These athletes are not good role models to the ghetto. Ali, Jordan, Pele all had sistas. They probably had some vanilla ice cream on the side but as a public face they reprsented the sista. These modern athletes are not in touch with the community and it is a let down.

Still, good luck to Serena she gonna beat these white chicks like Rick James ( yeah, its a Chris Rock joke).


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