Saturday, June 18, 2005

Chantelle Fiddy Really Loves Wiley.

Yeah, U Love Grime, this is the chick with the mostest. Me, I like some of it, but calm the fuck down, dont start talking crazy. I lnow UK niche music is the rage amongst intellectuals, but calm the fuck down. Look, this chick is reppin her music but here is some crazy blasphemy from an article she wrote a while back that I just checked:

“Is Wiley overrated?” When Tense magazine editor, Toussaint Davy, put this question to me my initial reaction was ‘what a freaking idiot.’ Well, Mr Davy my question to you would be “Is Wiley underrated.” After much thought I decided I’m not going to try and argue Wiley as an iller sound boy than Nas, or a more adept studio hand than Timbaland, but what I will do is speak from the heart. To me Wiley not only symbolises the music and culture that has become me, but he is it. And I live for this shit.

He was there for the birth of Rinse 100.3FM which today is more important in the rise of my favourite music than any legal station. Wiley was there for the birth of the Pay As U Go Cartel (PAUG) who lets face it, turned UK garage on it’s head. The reason the old UKG establishment couldn’t hold them down was because we wanted them. We wanted a new energy, fresh sounds, more bass, more bite, more lyrics. Wiley and the Cartel bought all of those things as did the new skool movement that followed. When Wiley produced Know We and the MC’s laid down their bars it was on. Wiley’s production and MCing became of equal importance. A few years on when Wiley unleashed Eskimo it was officially the start of something bigger than perhaps we’d imagined. With the lyrical game having been seriously upped, we’re talking real verbal dexterity, rap credentials, Eskimo became the anthem that signalled showtime and propelled MC’s into the limelight. The buzz was that electric it was like you could feel it in your blood. It’s what myself and clearly many others, had been waiting for. We wanted to be part of this.

The trends that he’s spurred in hindsight are countless. No one knows this better than Wiley. Everyone wants to ride his beats, clash him, MC with him, put him on their line up, on their radio station… Wiley has aided in bringing through countless new MC’s including Dizzee Rascal (there’s little doubt Dizzee would have blown, but Wiley did help him get there that bit quicker), Tinchy, and now Trim. Then there’s the DVD’s, the thousands of white labels sold from his car boot and his debut album for XL Recordings, Treddin’ On Thin Ice which won’t be coming off my stereo for a long while. And still, nothing fuels me more than watching the crowd react to his anthemic rhymes.

It’s for all of this and more that I give thanks to Wiley and why it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to convince me that he is overrated. (It’s also why I’d like to tell Tous Davy he’s a big piss stain for any derogatory comments he’s made). Yeah, he tends to be late all the time (I’ve waited three days), he isn’t reliable, hey, he might not even show up for your interview (I've lost count of how many jobs of mine he's flopped). But as I've learnt over the years, with Wiley you just can't take it personal.

yeah she's this white middle class fine chick that like to kick it with uk hoodrats. she has plenty of pictures with all the rappers that must got some good reviews. But Wiley a better Sound Boy ( what the fuck is a sound boy?) than Nas. I dont even like Nas, but this take groupism to another level. But here is a hug blasphemy. Wiley is a better studio hand than Timbaland. Look you teenybopper white girl, go and get your UK head checked out cause now you are talking rubbish. I know you have had sexual relations with these grime heads, but that does not mean you should start sucking dick in public. By all means, suck Wiley and KAno and all those rappers dick in private like most female writers, but dont transfer it to print. Not tryin to stary anything but she has almost certainly had sexual relations with people like Kano, Wiley, JME etc but its all good, how many females over here havent had sexual relations with rappers. Dream Hampton? Kim Osorio? U know whats up.

Anyway, there is too much info on a niche music for it not to go further than love for a wack genre. Wiley, Jme, skinnyman, Plan b, Roll Deep, doogz etc is all there. she definitel feelin Kano, Boys and Girls was probably about her. Not so much shit on Dizzee, but as usual, when you blow up you soon become uncool by these grime geeks, and despite the grime head protestations, Dizze kill all them mc's.

Stil, check it out. She's dedicated on this music. A lot of drama apparently in the Roll Deep camp. A bit like Eminem fussin over Benzino, a lot of this Roll Deep politics is hella boring, I dont know why anyone would care about a Wu Tang Uk knock off. A lot of this music is wack. Only about 5 people in the UK care about it and some elitist music writers like Simon Reynols, Sasha etc. U cant take a shorty out and play this grime. your girls head would explode. Lets not act like this shit is that great. I know its all about being there at the start of something new, but this new shit is wack. Dont get me wrong, Dizzee, JME, Wiley, Kano are good, but on a whole I'd go with that Screwed and Chopped southern drawl which has better pop aesthetics in my opinion. Estelle, Roots MAnuva, Doc Brown is better.


Blogger hattie collins said...

i think you should read the article again dumbass. she says she's NOT trying to compare Wiley to Nas or Timbaland, she's just saying she loves Wiley's work. And another thing, is that the best diss you can come up with that she 'almost certainly' sucks a dick? The problem with you boys and your obsession with female jounalists sucking rappers dicks is that you so obviously want to be the one sucking dicks - but you ain't getting no play. Hey, all you bitter blog boyz should get together and suck each others dicks then everyone would be happy, right?

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo I live in da Uk and can straight up say Chantelle Fiddy a hoe Hatti bitch U know it , Rinse dj know it, Riko Dan know it, Slimzee know it , Target know it, Wiley knows it. Her new squeez Skepta knows it. Bitch sucks her way through da grime scene. Pr cock fluffer for Warner owned 679 (who own Run da Roads) bunch of geeks seeking ownership of Grime scene.
Check out for da real Uk shit.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo I live in da Uk and can straight up say Chantelle Fiddy a hoe Hatti bitch U know it , Rinse dj know it, Riko Dan know it, Slimzee know it , Target know it, Wiley knows it. Her new squeez Skepta knows it. Bitch sucks her way through da grime scene. Pr cock fluffer for Warner owned 679 (who own Run da Roads) bunch of geeks seeking ownership of Grime scene.
Check out for da real Uk shit.


A very true statement indeed. I once saw Chantelle Fiddy as a respected house name representive for the UK Grime scene. Since hearing about her countless sexual relations with practically every guy involved in the scene I have lost any respect that I ever had for her. She obviously has none for herself therefore neither do I! Riko , Target , Rossi B , Skepta just to name but a few , sleeping with all these guys is such an un-professional look. The whole Skepta thing is a complete joke! Im hearing that they claim to be an item??? What kind of relationship is this? Both are blatently sleeping with other people. I could name at least 3 chicks that Skepta's fucked in the past 4 months. Chantelle are you a MUG? Either he's using you or you're using him im not too sure, but really it's not a good look. You're a big woman start acting like one!

1:43 AM  
Blogger MIZZ FOXS said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

come on chantelle u gotta fix up man and stop giving this people reasons to call you a hoe. Is not right jumping from 1 boy in the scene to another

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