Thursday, May 12, 2005

Petition against The Source? Let it slide.

If you want to ban sex in the workplace, sign this women liberation shit. Me, like I said, Kim Osorio is fine so should expect red blooded males to want to hit it. The other woman is hard to belive cause she looks like a man. No one was tryin to pop that. Me, I want sex in the workplace to make the days go faster. I jyust wish some of this women would just suck a dick and get their promotion insted of this bullshit.

Also, you'll see Elizabeth Mendez Berry is part of this gang, and to me, she wants to be Che Guvera. She is always campaignin 4 shit. I bet she cant get no man thats why she's angry all the time. Women like that need to get laid more often because they become this uptight wound up women that make their neck snap. I dont need tha in my life.

I'll say iot again, and fine woman out there, i gonna try and pop that, whats wrong with that. Fine women like attention. Maybe Joan Mporgan who is 77 yrs old cant get men no more and she's angry that these Source cats are not interested. Lets stop this sexism shit, sex is good.


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