Monday, May 16, 2005

MAriah Carey-Emancipation Of MiMi.

This shit is hot. Probably got trashed by critics when it came out beacuse loving MAriah Carey means no "street cred" for them.

This is more of a r&b album than those ballads she did back in the day. She got the neptunes doin joints on here, Jermaine Dupri proves he is real with his. JD very underrated, ask for the best producers today and no one gonna pick Jermaine. Especially aftre Chris Rock clowned him and the MTV awards a few years back, but this dude has brought some talent hrough like Usher, TLC, Kriss kross, etc.

Anyway, there is not one bad song on here, the producers kept her wordlin down to a minimun on here so is just some great r&b james. The 2nd single is great, We Should Be Together. Fly Like A Bird, I Wish You Knew, are beautiful and her duet with Snoop makes me think maybe the Neptunes haven't completely fallen off. Anyway this the shit.


Blogger David said...

Yeah man this album is great! I especially love the bonus track, "Secret Love" with swizz beats.

10:46 PM  

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