Thursday, May 12, 2005

Julie Greenwald proves head technique goes far.

Lets face it, if you are a woman and want to go far in business, get your head game uop. Shit, if I was a boss, I'd hire fine dumb females over any ugly ass genius anyday. Now, Lyor Conman has made Julie GreenWald head of Atlantic Records. Now, wtf has she done to deserve that? She used to be an errand girl at defjam when Lyor headed it up and now she is head of Legendary Arista Records? lmao. These business people give rewards for lettin them pop it. All you ladies on here, forget business scchool just get your technique down and you'll go far.

Anyway, Lyor Cohen damn that is one powerful man right now, heads up the whole of Warner Music. The whole shit. I think thats where JAy Z is tryin to get to.

PS, whats Kevin Liles up to? seem to have forgot about him


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