Friday, May 13, 2005

Hopefully, Martha Bayles will die soon.

Yeah, this bitch, never heard of her before in my life. Turns out she's one of these dima a dozen cultural critics who irritate us all to death. Some are cool like Jeff Chang, Davey D, Todd Boyd, but some just need to pizzaz off. Anyway I was reading some lecture article she wrote for the Wall Street Journal about Hip Hop and how its bad, and she just str8 play hates everyone. Not just the artists, but the females who were protesting its depictions of ho's and shortys. So I aid to myself, who is this latest busy body. So I looked her name up on google thinking I would find an out of work sista trying to get by, and to my surprise, i found an old cracka. This witch is like 90. She being ding cultural analysis since the dinasoour age and actually now looks like one. So she has a new book to sell, whuich is when the bullshit articles start coming carpet bomb fashion. I was looking at the books index and its just all negative shit, all about the good ol' days these old motherfuckers keep tellin us about. Why dont she just do some Jewish shit like count her money and leave the youth alone. What is it to her, she kicks it with big lips himself, Stanley Crouch. Thats a bad omen. Anyway, she got a new book, cant tell you the name cause I forgot, cause I didnt care. Please, if you aint coming positive with it, step off. Those shorys in"Tip Drill" and "Pusshy Hoppin" dont look like they was not enjoying it do they? They looked well down. Shit, I bet when they get old they'll tell their grandkids how they got down with some rappers back in the day.


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