Thursday, May 05, 2005


This Michael Jackson palave is boring as hell. I dont really follow the bullshit. Now, Mike Jax is a weird ass motherfucker. I wouldn't let myself go near him let alone kids. I just dont think he is someone you can kick it with. Now, do I think he did this shit? I honestly dont know. I hope he didnt cause he is a great artist, undoubtedly the best entertainer since James Brown. 1 thing I dont like about Jax is that people dickride Off The Wall and Thriller and act like he aint do shit before or after. I mean, Jackson did so many classics after Thriller. On The Bad album you got, Liberian Girl, Man In The Mirror, The Way She Makes ME feel, you got the History remix by David Morales? U Rock My World was a great r&b jam, but because it didnt repeat Thriller and sell 10 billion records, you had oreo's like Toure hatin on Jackson on Fox News and acting like a sell out bitch. THas shit had Butterflys. Classic ballads. It may not be what the youth want, but Jackson is 46, he shouldn't be making music aimed at youth, but at peopel who followed him in the 80's who are early 20's and above. So I never bought the idea that he fell off, sales wise yes, but music wise, no.

This case keeps taking different turns. Early on I thoght he was gonna walk, then those mexicans or phillopinos or hungarian motherfuckers started snitching on that nigga. I dont know if what they said was true, but hearing what they accused him off I felt dude should go to jail 4 that bullshit. Difficult to call, I hope he is innocent, but dont know if he is.


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