Saturday, May 07, 2005

Armond White Is Bringing Down Blacks.

I read this mere movie reviewer who posing as a Malcolm X deep thinker type, but this schizo comes out with so musch garbage that u might miss the fact that he is a self hater. 2 types of brotha/sista I hate, Oreo and self haters. Armond White is a self hater. He is a black that hates black people. He sees a black doing thangs to make a move out the ghetto or move up the ladder and if it aint some righteous Sidney Poitier, who married crackas, he start hatin. Now he has hated on Lil Jon, Pharell, Snoop, Dre and now Ice Cube. I think he hates the West Coast basically. I think he just says shit to get attention from geeky white movie reviewers which is the circle he moves in. What a loser, he must be 50 and still actin up 4 attention. He called my man Michael Mann a hack for puttin black actors on, I mean this Armond White is a fuckin idiot.

He said all black directors are crap . Imagine a white person saying that? But this black says it 4 them. He moves with yuppie ny upperclass types but acts like he sees shit from th ghetto. I bet his wife is probably a cracka this guy is just like that NY Daily News fat pig Stanley Couch and his big lips.

I just read a review of his, XXX with Ice Cube. Now every thing this hack intellectual has wrote about Ice Cube in the past is some positive Speech from Arrested Develeopment type shit. He always namecheck that nigga 4 some street cred with his Woody Allen-like lifestyle. Now, because Cube probably need money to feed his kids so did this stupid film, this faggot Armond White gotta read it on a whole deeper level than it is. He said he selling out Hip Hop culture. He said Cube's music was wack, even though he said the opposite in the past. Just pure bullshit that this phony intellectuals like him and that old geriatric Robert Christgau always do. These fools should babysit their great grand kids and do zimmerphrame racing competitions or someshit cause they just wanna be hip which is corny.

Anyway there are no good "experts" around right now I basically got o rely on my own inteligence for all this stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, even retards are entitled to an opinion...they just shouldn't be paid to "grace" us with their dumbass views. Unless White is paid as a joke? For us to mock? That must be it.

8:29 PM  

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