Friday, May 13, 2005

Alcemist takes over from Green Lantern at Shady

From the horses mouth:

"My job, they called on me to be Em's DJ and I'm gonna do my job to the fullest. I'm excited to be in that circle. So as far as any beef or drama, I feel like it doesn't apply to me."

Though he's shared management with Em for years, Al never took advantage of the situation to give tracks to Slim or any other artist in the camp. Yet, now that he's set to work more closely with the blonde lyricist, he hopes the future holds plenty of collaborations.

"It was always something I looked forward to with my relationship with Paul and my brother being there. It's been like three, four years we've been down with the company," Al revealed. "Em has [Dr.] Dre, first of all, and Em is a producer. So, they don't really need anything in that circle. So, for anybody to get beats off in that circle is a blessing. Just being down that long, I always knew one day we'd be able to collaborate one way or another. If it's the start of it, then that's a beautiful way for it to start."

In the meantime, Al is keeping busy promoting last year's 1st Infantry and staying productive in the lab. While he doesn't have immediate plans to record a sophomore album, he is presently dropping tracks to keep his name buzzing in the streets.

"I'm in the lab everyday, new beats. I don't wanna blow it up because sometimes samples don't clear and issues happen, but I have a lot of stuff now that might end up on albums this year," Al shared with "I'm hitting the machine hard right now. We been starting to leak joints out instead of holding on to them cause we got so much music that we're starting to leak joints to let cats know. The fans are what it's all about. Even when we're in between deals, we're still dropping for the people."


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