Friday, April 29, 2005


Compare their early shit like Club Clasics Vol 1 and Vol 2 A New Decade to the shit produced exclusively by Jazzie B. Jazzie B's shit is a lot better. Love Enuff is 10 times better than Back To Life or Keep On Movin. Same as I Care. But the music media are stupid, they dickride your first album for credibility ( The Strokes, Dizzee Rascal, Illmatic ), but even if you make better music in the future, the'll act that it is lacking something that your original shit had. Now I respect Nellee Hooper, he dickrode black music and people act like he was the visionary but a lot of that electronic/danc/house bullshit was bitten from people like Jungle Brothers, Teddy Riley and Jimmy Jam &Terry Lewis anyway, so i never really jump on his dick like white europeans do.

SO, how do you make it stand out, you need a dinstinctive soul voice. Now people like Carren Wheeler and Shara Nelson are so British that they can make the difference. No ne can tell me they sound like mAry J Blige or Michelle or Karyn White. So to me, groups like SOul To Soul, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, all these weird groups that yuppies go to smoke filled clubs to vibe to and drink coffee at, the black british singers made that shit cool. Not that annoying techno in the back. But the credit of this music alwys goes to people making that boring house music crap.

Now we all know Nelle Hooper produced for wack artists like Madonna, U2 and Gwen Stefani amonst others so obviously people are gonna say he was the "genius" behind Soul To Soul cause he was down with them on their first 2 albums, but listening to songs like "Love Enuff" and "Ride On" lets me know that Jazzie B was the dude behind Soul To Soul, but he has not got his credit.

Thats one thing I hate about all the Euro dance crews, it always has some white geek that no woman would look twice at at the back of the video dancin out of step with the musict hey stole from over here, but they always have sistas doin the vocals. So you cants say its black music or white music, its some mixed up creole bullshit which is why I never liked it completely. But the best part of these musics is always the singing. "Ghetto Heaven" is another example, or Unfinished Sympathy. You cant tell me that Shara Nelson is not the best part of Massive Attacks early shit. Have you listened to the tracks that she is not on in Blue Lines. Thats shit is the techno version of grunge, makes you wann shoot yourself.

but that dickrider Nellee Hoopper always giving himself production credit why dont he fuck off and do some white techno shit by himself. Why these crackas takin credit for beautiful black voices, which are the true genius behind this otherwise rubbish music. They are turnig black music into depressing bullshit like Grunge or something. Same with Basement Jaxx, why dont these crackas do white music, they always puttin our sistas on their shit to pull the ghetto in to their science experiment.

I aint hatin, but damn I wanna listen to some positive music by blacks but a lot of this shit is depressing.

Jazzie B has yet to get his props cause music experts are one dimensional I mean this dude has produced for James Brown it gets no better than that.


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