Sunday, April 24, 2005

Nas got no Charisma.

I dont think Howard Stern or Tavis Smiley want to interview this cat. Dead Air no doubt. Thats why he'll never be the greatest, he's just one step up from your Mos Def's or Talib Kewlis's. The way people dickride Illmatic is hillarious, but hey, I think its an art statement. for dat real knowledge you need Me Against The World and Makaveli. even pacs early shit like Trapped and Keep Your Head up is on some other level, the way he connected to the hoodrats and babymama's in the hood and shit.True all time greats got to have the voice and charisma, Rick da ruler, rakim, snoop, big, jigga, ice cube etc, all got one thing in common, got they own distinct style.

Nas sounds like every conscious/underground mc out there. Kool Moe Dee said it himself, all these conscious Mc's are BORING. Listening to Nas is like listning to a lecture, is that what music is for, add to the fact that he's the biggest hypocrite since Kris.I know all you white people think he's "dropping knowledge" for black people, but niggas hate his ass in the hood. we dont respect this broke ass rapper. why would i or any other hood rat want to copy this rapper who dont have no money? dat elementary science shit aint up there with the great thinkers like shakespare or pluto though is it. its some substitute teacher shit. I might as well trip off Stanley crouch or some other wannabe malcolm x.

Untop of that you cant sell that shit to the public. the public want shit to tripout to, when they com home from school,l they dont want another lecture from their cd.Its either black or white with Nas, you either a sell out or not. thats his thesis on every record. when it come to dropping knowledge MC's in the 90's, my man pac shits all over Nas. Why, he showed he could rep the knowledge heads, but could also do good up tempo club joints and shit. you can dance to pacs shit and also get educted by it. Name one good Nas club joint? Oochoee waly Wlly. Only good NAs joints is when an r&b singer is carrying his weak ass. lo, nas aint no soldier for the thugs. i know he got tatoes of his baby mama even though she fucks other rappers who are at least pltinum, and he dress thugged out, but pac punked him in centralpac before the 96 vma mtv awards. nas had 50 niggas wit him, pac was with like 10 yet pac went to nas in ny in front of everyone and punked this bitch in front of his mama and girl. nas was on some ho shit and stared crying like a bitch and dmn near drnk piss like all the death row niggas. nas is one loser, gets fucked for his publishing lmao.

The man seriously has no friends in hip hop music apart from wack ass brvehearts who he eventualy put on. No one wants to be his friend lmao. his man cormega dissed him, mobb deep hate his ass, 2pac nearly beat hi ass before he pased, lmao. damn, nas been in muic since 91 and no one is repping him apart from that fat jenny craig victim fat joe. notice how all nas favorite mc's are all dead? he shout out dead mc's like they are the only ones he felt yet big and pac hated him. niggas aint really feel him.


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