Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Liverpool Vs Chelsea and Ac Milan Vs PSV.

Ok, for those that like Soccer or Football , its about to go down in Europe. Champions League semifinal. Basically, it SuperBowl semi final for European heads. Now, Ac Milan will undoubtedly get to the final. Gus Hiddenk has done a great job with PSV. They've won the Dutch League already, and as a "smaller" club, to reach the semifinal of the biggest club tournament is a miracle. He's probablt Coach Of The Year in Europe, butbeat AC Milan, come on. 6 time champs AC Milan should have won it last year but for some reason lost 4-0 to Deportivo La Caruna in the quarters last year. But I have a feeling they'll beat PSV as they are just a powerhouse.

Now the second one is a lot tougher, on paper, Chelsea should win. They have beated Liverpool 3 times this season, they have won a carling cup, will win the premiership, and have a great chance to win the Champions LEague. But, 4 some reason, I suspect Liverpool are gonna do them. First off, Chelsea have been very lucky in 2 of their wins against liverpool. Liverpool should have had a penalty when Tiago handballed at Anfield, and Steven Gerrard scored an own goal in The Carling final. And all the wins have been by one goal only. 2nd, Liverpool play unbeliveable inEurope as opposed to The Premiership. They knocked out Juventus, with the great Fabio Cappello humbled by Rafael Benitez. Also, they got Alonso back. And 3rdly, look at last year with the Chelsea-Arsenal quarterfinal. For that whole season, Chelsea had been Arsenals bitch. Then in the biggest game, they beat Arsenal. Law of averages or what, Liverpool will probably go through. So I go for a Liverpool-Ac Milan final.


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