Thursday, April 28, 2005

Joe Budden-Gangsta Party-Wack

Which is a shame because he has one of the few interesting new styles out there. So what does he do with his new album, get Scott Scorch ( Storch? whatever)to do his music, which basically means he gonna do songs like Candy Shop now. Who are the people's managers. Tone Def? Scott Storch is a bad producer. he is not the new shit. Damn, get with the rejuvinated Swizz Beatz or some shit. Tim and Dre, Alchemist, Battlecat or one of these good on the low producers. But everyone is on Lil Kim future baby daddys nuts right now and thats means more wack shit at the top of the charts.

Storch, I really hate this guy. He steals beats from broke producers, FACT. he brags to everyone he ghostprodces for Super Producers, when he should be shutting his mouth up, no loyalty to cats who brought his weak azz in the game. Have you heard this guys beats, very poor. that new Joe Budden gangsta party? well, he got that nigga soundng like 50 cent which basically means he sucks right now. Every good Scott Storch song is because of the artist like Mario or Nate dogg singing good shit. Scott Storch has learnt some very bad habits from Dre, basically, make a catchy simplistic beat with one instrument and leave it at that. What is that wiggaz style anyway, he just bites motherfuckers. His beats sound like tired Dre beats leftovers fron The Last MEal.Whats his best beat? Still Dre. thats the only good shit he co-produced. Lean Wack, OMG. This just shows square crackas will dickride anything trendy people say is good. As soon as I heard that song I said, wack, must be some brain damaged down syndrome niggas in the club dancing to this weak shit and blowin it up. every one jump of this lil kim toy boy beats and move on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

scott storch wrote marios let me love you, he wrote the hook to times up. um storch is the shit dog. have u heard the new twista, or lean back. that shit is different and he did dre's still dre keyboard riff. enough said he is the best producer in music right now period. chart wise, and talent wise. this nigga is a trained keyboard player. all of the producers u named are hot, but storch constantly lands #1 hits. so stop hatin on a man for doing his thing.


ps. i bet if scott storch offered u a beat you'ld take it! and then suck his dick.

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