Friday, April 22, 2005

Hip Hop Chrincling Overload

Just browsing the net, you'll find a lot of blogs by out of work Hip Hop writers. I swear I never knew there were this many. Just to name a few. Raquel Cepeda. Danyel Smith. Kris Ex. Jon Caramaneica. Joan Morgan ( i think she was in a Tyson documentary talking about hoochies getting raped a while back) Oliver Wang. Sasha Free Jones. Oliver Wang. JEff Chang. Then you got cats like Greg Tate who is a fucking hater IMO. Toure. liz mendez berry. You got Dream Hampton who used to get porked by Heavy D back in the day when she was a ho. Reginald Dennis. Selewyn Hinds. Harry Allen. Nelson George. Believe me, this is a mere 1% of the hip hop journalist 's out there. Now, this motherfuckers to me are very pretentious. They got all kinds of stupid books about hip hop thats just fuckin annnoyin. They got a book called The Best Hip Hop writing of the last 25 years, lmao. Self congratulatory bullshit. Its along the lines of the series Best American Sportswriting, Best American Short Stories, Best American Music writing etc. Clip on their blog and they name checkin has been rappers for street hip hop cred and goin on and on and on with some diary type rantin that should be kept for private 4 yourself for future refernce so you can get your wings like on OprahI will say again, Jeff Chang, Selwyn Hinds, Reginald Dennis have all done great work in the past and now so I give them a a pass. Same as Davey D. But some of these other motherfuckers that are doing "art" writing should fuck off. I love hip hop but these motherfuckers make me roll my eyes. I read this wiggas blog ( the dude has a book called "I'm a white black man", so has admitted he is a wigga) and he says Hip Hop writing, like Jazz writing, has become an artform? Fool, U trippin. Music writing is not an artform, u aint got to be talented to be a music writer, look at Raj.But what annoys me the most are female hip hop writers. They have no place in his game in my opinion cause they get on their high horse and start talking about hip hop disrespecting women. So what, thats the rules of the ulture. Go to the ghetto, many shortys are chicken heads and easy. Hip Hop just reflects that. You get these ivy league witches not understanding the hood and just start giving us lectures. go away and suck arappers dick or something just stop saying " I am Hip Hop". Only writers that get props are the ones who write Novels. Thats real writing. Dickriding a culture aint no artform.Hip Hop gets 10/10 for its importance, but these dickriding mofo's get 0/10 for riding its coattails instead of getting a real job. Rant over. --------------------


Blogger Danyel said...

hahahahahahhaaah! : )

since the only real writers are the ones who write novels, check mine:



stay up,


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Blogger dreamhampton said...

while hev was a great boyfriend---he used to take me to the movies and have a car service pick me up from school at NYU, he never actually got around to "porking" me in the 3 months we dated. we still talk all the time and ocassionally he'll still try to hit on me for old times sake...Question? what is a ho?

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