Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Green Lantern Bounced From Shady.

I just heard that the only dude doing interesting shit at Shady has been bounced. That figures, you can't have more flavor than Wigga No.1 and stay at Shady. Look at Royce Da 5'9 and Proof. Proof has become wack to let his master shine. Proof was the far more senior MC is D12 back when no one knew the redneck, then the devil himself, aka Jimmy Iovine got to work and basically all the talented brothers have to fall back to let Marshall shine. I heard Lantern has also had his Shade 45 show cancelled. I never listen to that piece of shit radio station so as long as their firing their best talent its all good. I heard its because Lantern took Jada's side in his beef with 50. WTF? its some weird strategy on Lanterns part to undermine his boss' favorite slave, but still, would anyone have taken him seriously if he said "50 is killing them"?

PS. Does anyone still care about Eminem anymore apart from teenage groupies and relic writers wanting to be "with it"?


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