Monday, April 25, 2005

Classic Snoop.

i wanna say a little about a rapper I dont recognise anymore. Chuuuch!

Anyway, how dope was Snoop in '91 to '94? And how wack is he now. You can talk about NAs falling off after Shitmatic but no one fell of more than Snoop after DoggyStyle/Murder Was The Case. I cant even listen to him now, he just talks over records. Each line is about 2 words long. Back in the day it was like a 200 syllable stanza and shit. Snoop in his prime is in the top 5 mc's of alltime. Yeah, I know he weren't dropping university shit like Chuck D and all them muslim rappers, but damn he just sounded good. Dude was a rapper who mad bullshit sound great. The West was really running shit back then. The first time I heard Snoop was at the end of Deep Cover. Then I saw the video to Deep Cover and that shit was crazy. Sinister beat and Snoop just tore it to pieces. The smoothest rhymer ever. Snoop was Michael Jordan to Ice Cubes's Shaq. Both great but different. Then Snoop tore up The Chronic. His diss to Eazy E, Luke, Tim Dawg on Dre Day was Fa Shizzle Ma Nizzle.

Anyway you know da rest, biggest sales of debut album and all that but damn since then he's been wack and shit. Doing r&b joints with wiggaz like Justin Timberlake.

Anyway, all good things must come to an end.


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