Thursday, April 28, 2005

Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0. All To Play For.

One thing about Football/Soccer fans, a lot of them are fuckin stupid. Take Tottenham for example, win a match today, and they are on their way into Europe, lose one match tomorrow, and they're going backwards, time to fire the manager. Level headedness does not go hand in hand with these football/soccer zombies. Now, Liverpool have scored a goaless draw at Chelsea in Champions League semifinal first tie and think they have won. Observing these Scouser " calm down calm down" acting like they just got laied for the first time is truly ridcolos. Reading the moronic UK Press, Liverpool have the advantage, maybe because when Chelsea players go to Liverpool, their car stereos might get stolen and distract them or something I dont know.

Fact is, Chelski have the advantage. I hate that Russian Mafia Investment and their prawn sandwich Johnny come lately fans, but those rent boys dont even have to win to progress. Score draw and they are through to the final where they will lose to AC Milan.

PS, Chelski have the worst fans in Soccer. Cannot even make any noise in the biggest game of their season and 43, 000 rentboys got outsung by 2500 car jackers, its all trendy London Socialites that come and "observe" them now, so in that case, I want the hubcaps to beat them. Fuck them Posh people.


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