Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Blak Twang-The Rotten Club

Classic shit. I always loved Blak Twang. This dude did some classic hip hop like So Rotten and Tricksta back in the day amongst other things, and has really along with Roots Manuva and other cats kept the UK scene alive. The first joint of here is GCSE. Its on some sex education shit for the UK youths who are just fucking for fun and shit and having babies all out of wedlock. This shit telling them to fall back for a minute and not holla at females so regular. I don't know if it will work cause if a couple of fine shortys start trying to get up on me in a club and shit who am I to deny human impulses. Sayin that, the intention is clair cause that liar Tony Blair aint lookin out for the ghetto youths apparently so as usual, you need ghetto poets and community elders to look out for you.

Good luck to Blak Twang I hope he gets some commercial success on this shit.


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