Friday, April 29, 2005


Compare their early shit like Club Clasics Vol 1 and Vol 2 A New Decade to the shit produced exclusively by Jazzie B. Jazzie B's shit is a lot better. Love Enuff is 10 times better than Back To Life or Keep On Movin. Same as I Care. But the music media are stupid, they dickride your first album for credibility ( The Strokes, Dizzee Rascal, Illmatic ), but even if you make better music in the future, the'll act that it is lacking something that your original shit had. Now I respect Nellee Hooper, he dickrode black music and people act like he was the visionary but a lot of that electronic/danc/house bullshit was bitten from people like Jungle Brothers, Teddy Riley and Jimmy Jam &Terry Lewis anyway, so i never really jump on his dick like white europeans do.

SO, how do you make it stand out, you need a dinstinctive soul voice. Now people like Carren Wheeler and Shara Nelson are so British that they can make the difference. No ne can tell me they sound like mAry J Blige or Michelle or Karyn White. So to me, groups like SOul To Soul, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, all these weird groups that yuppies go to smoke filled clubs to vibe to and drink coffee at, the black british singers made that shit cool. Not that annoying techno in the back. But the credit of this music alwys goes to people making that boring house music crap.

Now we all know Nelle Hooper produced for wack artists like Madonna, U2 and Gwen Stefani amonst others so obviously people are gonna say he was the "genius" behind Soul To Soul cause he was down with them on their first 2 albums, but listening to songs like "Love Enuff" and "Ride On" lets me know that Jazzie B was the dude behind Soul To Soul, but he has not got his credit.

Thats one thing I hate about all the Euro dance crews, it always has some white geek that no woman would look twice at at the back of the video dancin out of step with the musict hey stole from over here, but they always have sistas doin the vocals. So you cants say its black music or white music, its some mixed up creole bullshit which is why I never liked it completely. But the best part of these musics is always the singing. "Ghetto Heaven" is another example, or Unfinished Sympathy. You cant tell me that Shara Nelson is not the best part of Massive Attacks early shit. Have you listened to the tracks that she is not on in Blue Lines. Thats shit is the techno version of grunge, makes you wann shoot yourself.

but that dickrider Nellee Hoopper always giving himself production credit why dont he fuck off and do some white techno shit by himself. Why these crackas takin credit for beautiful black voices, which are the true genius behind this otherwise rubbish music. They are turnig black music into depressing bullshit like Grunge or something. Same with Basement Jaxx, why dont these crackas do white music, they always puttin our sistas on their shit to pull the ghetto in to their science experiment.

I aint hatin, but damn I wanna listen to some positive music by blacks but a lot of this shit is depressing.

Jazzie B has yet to get his props cause music experts are one dimensional I mean this dude has produced for James Brown it gets no better than that.

Jay Z To Buy The Source?

From AllHipHop.Com:

Jay-Z buying a magazine? Who knows, but I heard that Hov might have his eye on a certain magazine. On top of that, I heard that he has already opted to put writer/journalist/activist dream hampton (That’s how she writes it) as the editor-in-chief. I find that very interesting. You might know dream, because she is writing Jay-Z biography, "The Black Book." Now, I’ll put my 2 Cents and say, I don’t really believe this rumor, but…the person that said it has credentials that are impeccable.

That would be a good look. Bring some integrity back to that rag.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

T-Max ft Pete Rock and AG. Good Shit.

Mellow shit. Good 4 da soul.

Joe Budden-Gangsta Party-Wack

Which is a shame because he has one of the few interesting new styles out there. So what does he do with his new album, get Scott Scorch ( Storch? whatever)to do his music, which basically means he gonna do songs like Candy Shop now. Who are the people's managers. Tone Def? Scott Storch is a bad producer. he is not the new shit. Damn, get with the rejuvinated Swizz Beatz or some shit. Tim and Dre, Alchemist, Battlecat or one of these good on the low producers. But everyone is on Lil Kim future baby daddys nuts right now and thats means more wack shit at the top of the charts.

Storch, I really hate this guy. He steals beats from broke producers, FACT. he brags to everyone he ghostprodces for Super Producers, when he should be shutting his mouth up, no loyalty to cats who brought his weak azz in the game. Have you heard this guys beats, very poor. that new Joe Budden gangsta party? well, he got that nigga soundng like 50 cent which basically means he sucks right now. Every good Scott Storch song is because of the artist like Mario or Nate dogg singing good shit. Scott Storch has learnt some very bad habits from Dre, basically, make a catchy simplistic beat with one instrument and leave it at that. What is that wiggaz style anyway, he just bites motherfuckers. His beats sound like tired Dre beats leftovers fron The Last MEal.Whats his best beat? Still Dre. thats the only good shit he co-produced. Lean Wack, OMG. This just shows square crackas will dickride anything trendy people say is good. As soon as I heard that song I said, wack, must be some brain damaged down syndrome niggas in the club dancing to this weak shit and blowin it up. every one jump of this lil kim toy boy beats and move on.

Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0. All To Play For.

One thing about Football/Soccer fans, a lot of them are fuckin stupid. Take Tottenham for example, win a match today, and they are on their way into Europe, lose one match tomorrow, and they're going backwards, time to fire the manager. Level headedness does not go hand in hand with these football/soccer zombies. Now, Liverpool have scored a goaless draw at Chelsea in Champions League semifinal first tie and think they have won. Observing these Scouser " calm down calm down" acting like they just got laied for the first time is truly ridcolos. Reading the moronic UK Press, Liverpool have the advantage, maybe because when Chelsea players go to Liverpool, their car stereos might get stolen and distract them or something I dont know.

Fact is, Chelski have the advantage. I hate that Russian Mafia Investment and their prawn sandwich Johnny come lately fans, but those rent boys dont even have to win to progress. Score draw and they are through to the final where they will lose to AC Milan.

PS, Chelski have the worst fans in Soccer. Cannot even make any noise in the biggest game of their season and 43, 000 rentboys got outsung by 2500 car jackers, its all trendy London Socialites that come and "observe" them now, so in that case, I want the hubcaps to beat them. Fuck them Posh people.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Green Lantern Bounced From Shady.

I just heard that the only dude doing interesting shit at Shady has been bounced. That figures, you can't have more flavor than Wigga No.1 and stay at Shady. Look at Royce Da 5'9 and Proof. Proof has become wack to let his master shine. Proof was the far more senior MC is D12 back when no one knew the redneck, then the devil himself, aka Jimmy Iovine got to work and basically all the talented brothers have to fall back to let Marshall shine. I heard Lantern has also had his Shade 45 show cancelled. I never listen to that piece of shit radio station so as long as their firing their best talent its all good. I heard its because Lantern took Jada's side in his beef with 50. WTF? its some weird strategy on Lanterns part to undermine his boss' favorite slave, but still, would anyone have taken him seriously if he said "50 is killing them"?

PS. Does anyone still care about Eminem anymore apart from teenage groupies and relic writers wanting to be "with it"?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Liverpool Vs Chelsea and Ac Milan Vs PSV.

Ok, for those that like Soccer or Football , its about to go down in Europe. Champions League semifinal. Basically, it SuperBowl semi final for European heads. Now, Ac Milan will undoubtedly get to the final. Gus Hiddenk has done a great job with PSV. They've won the Dutch League already, and as a "smaller" club, to reach the semifinal of the biggest club tournament is a miracle. He's probablt Coach Of The Year in Europe, butbeat AC Milan, come on. 6 time champs AC Milan should have won it last year but for some reason lost 4-0 to Deportivo La Caruna in the quarters last year. But I have a feeling they'll beat PSV as they are just a powerhouse.

Now the second one is a lot tougher, on paper, Chelsea should win. They have beated Liverpool 3 times this season, they have won a carling cup, will win the premiership, and have a great chance to win the Champions LEague. But, 4 some reason, I suspect Liverpool are gonna do them. First off, Chelsea have been very lucky in 2 of their wins against liverpool. Liverpool should have had a penalty when Tiago handballed at Anfield, and Steven Gerrard scored an own goal in The Carling final. And all the wins have been by one goal only. 2nd, Liverpool play unbeliveable inEurope as opposed to The Premiership. They knocked out Juventus, with the great Fabio Cappello humbled by Rafael Benitez. Also, they got Alonso back. And 3rdly, look at last year with the Chelsea-Arsenal quarterfinal. For that whole season, Chelsea had been Arsenals bitch. Then in the biggest game, they beat Arsenal. Law of averages or what, Liverpool will probably go through. So I go for a Liverpool-Ac Milan final.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Classic Snoop.

i wanna say a little about a rapper I dont recognise anymore. Chuuuch!

Anyway, how dope was Snoop in '91 to '94? And how wack is he now. You can talk about NAs falling off after Shitmatic but no one fell of more than Snoop after DoggyStyle/Murder Was The Case. I cant even listen to him now, he just talks over records. Each line is about 2 words long. Back in the day it was like a 200 syllable stanza and shit. Snoop in his prime is in the top 5 mc's of alltime. Yeah, I know he weren't dropping university shit like Chuck D and all them muslim rappers, but damn he just sounded good. Dude was a rapper who mad bullshit sound great. The West was really running shit back then. The first time I heard Snoop was at the end of Deep Cover. Then I saw the video to Deep Cover and that shit was crazy. Sinister beat and Snoop just tore it to pieces. The smoothest rhymer ever. Snoop was Michael Jordan to Ice Cubes's Shaq. Both great but different. Then Snoop tore up The Chronic. His diss to Eazy E, Luke, Tim Dawg on Dre Day was Fa Shizzle Ma Nizzle.

Anyway you know da rest, biggest sales of debut album and all that but damn since then he's been wack and shit. Doing r&b joints with wiggaz like Justin Timberlake.

Anyway, all good things must come to an end.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Nas got no Charisma.

I dont think Howard Stern or Tavis Smiley want to interview this cat. Dead Air no doubt. Thats why he'll never be the greatest, he's just one step up from your Mos Def's or Talib Kewlis's. The way people dickride Illmatic is hillarious, but hey, I think its an art statement. for dat real knowledge you need Me Against The World and Makaveli. even pacs early shit like Trapped and Keep Your Head up is on some other level, the way he connected to the hoodrats and babymama's in the hood and shit.True all time greats got to have the voice and charisma, Rick da ruler, rakim, snoop, big, jigga, ice cube etc, all got one thing in common, got they own distinct style.

Nas sounds like every conscious/underground mc out there. Kool Moe Dee said it himself, all these conscious Mc's are BORING. Listening to Nas is like listning to a lecture, is that what music is for, add to the fact that he's the biggest hypocrite since Kris.I know all you white people think he's "dropping knowledge" for black people, but niggas hate his ass in the hood. we dont respect this broke ass rapper. why would i or any other hood rat want to copy this rapper who dont have no money? dat elementary science shit aint up there with the great thinkers like shakespare or pluto though is it. its some substitute teacher shit. I might as well trip off Stanley crouch or some other wannabe malcolm x.

Untop of that you cant sell that shit to the public. the public want shit to tripout to, when they com home from school,l they dont want another lecture from their cd.Its either black or white with Nas, you either a sell out or not. thats his thesis on every record. when it come to dropping knowledge MC's in the 90's, my man pac shits all over Nas. Why, he showed he could rep the knowledge heads, but could also do good up tempo club joints and shit. you can dance to pacs shit and also get educted by it. Name one good Nas club joint? Oochoee waly Wlly. Only good NAs joints is when an r&b singer is carrying his weak ass. lo, nas aint no soldier for the thugs. i know he got tatoes of his baby mama even though she fucks other rappers who are at least pltinum, and he dress thugged out, but pac punked him in centralpac before the 96 vma mtv awards. nas had 50 niggas wit him, pac was with like 10 yet pac went to nas in ny in front of everyone and punked this bitch in front of his mama and girl. nas was on some ho shit and stared crying like a bitch and dmn near drnk piss like all the death row niggas. nas is one loser, gets fucked for his publishing lmao.

The man seriously has no friends in hip hop music apart from wack ass brvehearts who he eventualy put on. No one wants to be his friend lmao. his man cormega dissed him, mobb deep hate his ass, 2pac nearly beat hi ass before he pased, lmao. damn, nas been in muic since 91 and no one is repping him apart from that fat jenny craig victim fat joe. notice how all nas favorite mc's are all dead? he shout out dead mc's like they are the only ones he felt yet big and pac hated him. niggas aint really feel him.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Hip Hop Chrincling Overload

Just browsing the net, you'll find a lot of blogs by out of work Hip Hop writers. I swear I never knew there were this many. Just to name a few. Raquel Cepeda. Danyel Smith. Kris Ex. Jon Caramaneica. Joan Morgan ( i think she was in a Tyson documentary talking about hoochies getting raped a while back) Oliver Wang. Sasha Free Jones. Oliver Wang. JEff Chang. Then you got cats like Greg Tate who is a fucking hater IMO. Toure. liz mendez berry. You got Dream Hampton who used to get porked by Heavy D back in the day when she was a ho. Reginald Dennis. Selewyn Hinds. Harry Allen. Nelson George. Believe me, this is a mere 1% of the hip hop journalist 's out there. Now, this motherfuckers to me are very pretentious. They got all kinds of stupid books about hip hop thats just fuckin annnoyin. They got a book called The Best Hip Hop writing of the last 25 years, lmao. Self congratulatory bullshit. Its along the lines of the series Best American Sportswriting, Best American Short Stories, Best American Music writing etc. Clip on their blog and they name checkin has been rappers for street hip hop cred and goin on and on and on with some diary type rantin that should be kept for private 4 yourself for future refernce so you can get your wings like on OprahI will say again, Jeff Chang, Selwyn Hinds, Reginald Dennis have all done great work in the past and now so I give them a a pass. Same as Davey D. But some of these other motherfuckers that are doing "art" writing should fuck off. I love hip hop but these motherfuckers make me roll my eyes. I read this wiggas blog ( the dude has a book called "I'm a white black man", so has admitted he is a wigga) and he says Hip Hop writing, like Jazz writing, has become an artform? Fool, U trippin. Music writing is not an artform, u aint got to be talented to be a music writer, look at Raj.But what annoys me the most are female hip hop writers. They have no place in his game in my opinion cause they get on their high horse and start talking about hip hop disrespecting women. So what, thats the rules of the ulture. Go to the ghetto, many shortys are chicken heads and easy. Hip Hop just reflects that. You get these ivy league witches not understanding the hood and just start giving us lectures. go away and suck arappers dick or something just stop saying " I am Hip Hop". Only writers that get props are the ones who write Novels. Thats real writing. Dickriding a culture aint no artform.Hip Hop gets 10/10 for its importance, but these dickriding mofo's get 0/10 for riding its coattails instead of getting a real job. Rant over. --------------------

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Blak Twang-The Rotten Club

Classic shit. I always loved Blak Twang. This dude did some classic hip hop like So Rotten and Tricksta back in the day amongst other things, and has really along with Roots Manuva and other cats kept the UK scene alive. The first joint of here is GCSE. Its on some sex education shit for the UK youths who are just fucking for fun and shit and having babies all out of wedlock. This shit telling them to fall back for a minute and not holla at females so regular. I don't know if it will work cause if a couple of fine shortys start trying to get up on me in a club and shit who am I to deny human impulses. Sayin that, the intention is clair cause that liar Tony Blair aint lookin out for the ghetto youths apparently so as usual, you need ghetto poets and community elders to look out for you.

Good luck to Blak Twang I hope he gets some commercial success on this shit.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Just caught this song by dude from Disurbing Tha Peace label. This shit s aighty. Good R & B thats what we need. Fuck that faggot ass Mr Blobby Elton John that has been trying to get on everyone's record. No black artist back in the day took this junkie seriously. Stevie Wonder dissd his ass. Now he acting like he cares about Black Music Legacy. He need to stop singing to help black music legacy and go away on a fag marathon or something. Big Up Bobby Valentine. Catch his album which is self titled.