Wednesday, November 15, 2006

KingDome Come Review.

Eh yo, you heard this shit. dope. I was worried when i heard some blog geeks crying that it was wack. I was why this nigga come back, he sitting on cloud 9 he dont really need to. I always wanted this nigga to drop some more albums, build up that catalogue. Now, i think this his 9th solo album and hopefully we;ll get more cause i feel this shit.

If you like coon rappers, this aint for you. If you pompous against "conscious" or whatever its called these days, its not for you. On some songs its like Jay doing a Common album which is all good, you dont want a 40 yr old nigga doing club shit, especially where he at right now.

This an album about a dude admitting he a old ass motherfucker and acting like its all good. Thats the problem, people clown this guy cause he old, that why most rappers fall the fuck off after a couple of years in terms of sales and shit, the wiggas like Tom Brehan and co who dictate whats hot or not like thatignorant shit. that how they like their black. Jay definitely gonna take an L on this from some of his stans, you read what some of these out of work pscholigist are writing then you listen to STAN again and you like damn, eminem was not playing with that shit. All i will say to thiose faggots, look out for Presidential Invasion from Green Lantern, I'm sure all that street garbage that you get hard for is on there. Why Jay still fucking witthese ignorant wiggas/niggaz?

So, the review

The Prelude-This is almost like Carlitos Way to me, the way dude been gone then came back to a different game. He goy some ill subliminals on this going at that ignorant excuse for a bvlackman mr potato head himself and Dre stalker in chief, Game. Basically he is saying he fights with himself about the game, he want to bring an older perspective to it all. He like the only old rapper who still relevant i guess, so he trying to open an avenue forthese old dudes to come tru. nice wordplay and the beat is really chilled out.

Oh My God-if Just Blaze aint the best prodcuer right now I dont know who is, but this beat sick, he either sampling that chick from Sly and Family Stome or thatJanis Joplin whatever. Its December 4th pt 2, but with more detail than December 4th, again, no one is fucking with the flow, unless you a southern groupie that like bi sexual rappers like lil wayne or that snap music.

KingDom,e Come-when i first heard this i was not blown away, it just seems like a decent song. I love it now again thats a sick production from Just Blaze, its a concept song as everyone knows already from that KingDom Come comic with all these old ass superheroes coming back to save the world. nice wordplay and double encandres and all that.

Show Me-crap, you know it, but better than change clothes.

Lost Ones-again, on first listen i wanted more, but now, its nice, i dont know if he talkig about beyonce on the 2 nd verse but he has a moving last verse you know jay hates to get too personal on this sjit anyway. ist verse at the black paris hilton dame dash.

Do U Wanna Ride-this shit is sick, the dated write a letter to your jailed friend, but just sick with the wordplay and John Legend just nails this song. Kanye did the beat and its serves its purpose.

30 Something-I dont like this song.

I made it-I dont like this either. seems rushed to fill up the spots. its about his mama come on Jay already done better songs about his mama than this even ifthey dont reveal a very nice guy on shit like u must love me etc.#

Anything-This is themost hated on song on this album, but shit is crack, 1st off Usher humiliate that wigga Justin imeberlake and show that tourette dancer to fall back. Usher voice is amazing cod damn. Pharrell aint bring nothing voacllay but ihe produce it amn ish is nice. its like the shit Jay tried on BP2 but failed. This actually a r&b jam i like, lyrics aiont about shit, just a fun song, see, he still bring the fun.

Hollywood with Beyonvce-thios the best joint these 2 did together. I love this song, its pop as hell but whatever. lrics talking about the dangers offame and shit, not to deep of a concept and its a bit half assed but i love it.

Trouble-this my favorie joint on here. 3rd verseis ridicoulos. he goin at these young idiots like pinl [panther himself and dame dash favorite slut cam ron and that illegal immigrant jenny jones. 2nd gverse he clear up some rumors that he and b is still tiogether and he aint going with a free making babies on the low. last verse, put Games face on it and you know this shit is on point, tdude is the leader of all the ignat lil niggas out there although he gets love from the pseudo intellectual crown now domination music recviewing , must be like one of those ironic ghetto parties rich crackas throw or something.

Dig A Hole- Look, he aint go that hard at those has been former roc affiliates he hjust tap them treallu he aint interested in those clowns but still some nice skill shown.

Minority Report-about hurricnae katrina, you can say its late but not like things is exactly hokey doku on new orleans right now, i am happy jay made it, smart ass writers or ignorant duded might think its a bit rich coming from someone like jay but whatever, you cant please everyone. cant beleive people mad at someone doing a song about hurricane katrina.

beach chair-this one with that coldplay dude. you gonaa either love it ior hate it. i love it. just trying to do right and enjoy life.

This album has no timbaland, but tim is fucking with those popstars now cause you know he a realproducer who does real music so maybe his ass was not fuckin with Jay on this so some timgroupies gonna hate on this album because their idol aint make it but whatever, jay dont need that fatboy anywway.

I heard the album got 3 songs from reasonable wit re worked verses. jyeah. look 4 that.

basically, this album is 4 mics. jay truing something different, he gonna lose some fanbase for it but he deserve credit for at least switching it upa little

Friday, October 27, 2006

Whats hot and whats not?

Phew, have you heard the leaked 3 songs from KingDom Come? This comeback is shaping up worse that Sugar Ray Leonard and Hector Camacho bck in 97? Yopu know the one whee that big mouth road runner knocked the great Sugar Ray out in 4 rounds.

Thats how thios album is shaping up if you listen to the comments from people who have listened to those 3 leaked songs.

Show Me What You Got is garbage. Lets be honest and not be a spinelss groupie. I actaully think Chingy has better songs than that.

Kingdome Come is better but still not up to par.

Lost Ones is the best leak but still, why have 3 deifferent situations on one theme. Cant his dead nephew get 3 full verses out of him, or Dame Dash? And I dont know who the fuck he talking about in the second verse but maybe Beyonce about to get dumped like Arrested Development. That analogy isprobably dated but I couldnt think of another one.

Still, good news, Def Jam has the no.1 market share for Hip Hop so whop dee do.

I'm Back Like Herpies.

That shit is back and fuckin with a nigga.

Anyway, Look out for some more spopradic posts that dont make sense.

Friday, June 02, 2006

world cup are you ready

germany will win this shit. who will come 2nd, probably england but i dont know what path to the final they have are they avoiding germany before then anyway good luck ivory coast.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Professor X tribute

Friday, March 10, 2006

Stanley Crouch On The Great Gordon Parks.

Mr. Parks, you'll be missed

Within three days after a minstrel show interrupted the Academy Awards and went unnoticed, Gordon Parks died. Three 6 Mafia's elegy to the difficulty of living off of women, "It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp," was awarded the Oscar for Best Song before a predominantly white audience of wealthy media types who work in front of and behind the camera.

Gordon Parks was 93 when he died and had made a career for himself that was, at almost every step, a repudiation of the minstrel imagery that had burdened black Americans since the middle of the 19th century, composed equally of contempt and low expectations. The last of 15 children born into poverty in Kansas, Parks, a high school dropout, had made himself into a highly sophisticated man - a professional photographer, a writer, a composer and a film director.

Parks attributed his drive and the variety of ways in which he developed his talent to the curiosity, discipline and religious faith that had been instilled by his family, especially his mother. Mrs. Parks was obviously one of those legendary American women who teaches her children how to build the stamina necessary for long and difficult runs through the briar patch of life.

It was always the goal of Gordon Parks to disprove stereotypes by countering them with excellence. As a young and handsome man with shiny black hair and a pipe or as an old master with a shock of white wool covering his head and a huge walrus mustache, Parks was always the image of sophistication and seriousness.

Born in 1912, Parks had lived through the Depression and World War II, and was the first Negro photographer for Life magazine. He also shot for Vogue when the black revolt began against segregation. The "Negro Revolution," as it was called, brought light and darkness.
The light came with the rejection of stereotypes and a more open area of social possibility. For instance, Parks wrote "The Learning Tree" in 1963 and was approached for the film rights six years later. Ever shrewd, Parks made a deal in which he became the first black director hired by a major studio. The darkness was the minstrel reiteration that appeared with a vengeance as blaxploitation films following Parks' own "Shaft."

That Gordon Parks had become an answer to all stereotypes and low expectations by mastering the English language, the camera and film technique, and by deporting himself with absolute elegance and taste, must have made him an anachronism to those who believe that buffoons like Three 6 Mafia represent anything other than the descent of black popular music into blaxploitation with a backbeat.

Gordon Parks was not made in a factory that manufactures stupidity and the hatred of women projected by puppets of exaggeration who wear diamonds in their teeth. He made himself, with all of the discipline necessary, which is why even Malcolm X recognized his integrity. Parks also was one of the founders of Essence. Gordon Parks never forgot the honor of women like his mother and his sisters. That is why he would have kept the heat on, which is one of the many reasons why we miss him.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ice Cube new show, "Black.white"

I bet this show will blame white people for everything. Still, good to see cube come a long way from jerry curls.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

About The KRS "blowup".

Read about the whole KRS VS Adisa blowup at a debate forum, and to me its a non issue, as in, no big deal, just passionate men being passionate about their beliefs. REad Jay Smooth over at HipHopMiusic,com, and this dude yet again on some PC ish, I like JAy but you cant sanitize everything to death keep on mothering shit.

I thought to myself, big deal about the whole square off, if KRS getting mad at a Kung Fu/Hip Hop hybrid dogging him,so what, and if its the other way round, so what, just dudes letting of steam. but the bloggist in Jay has him automatically condescending KRS like he's a kid and not a fucking powerhouse in this hip hop shit. I respect Adisa and dont undermine his dedication to his hip hop philosophys.

I like Jay but he need to chill on the hip hop nanny ish, these are 2 grown ass folk who can look after theirselves, no one was "acting a fool", just clashing, cause thats what happens in real life, people clash and then hopefully get over it.

Anyway, here it is going down.

JJ Evans in New Cam Video

If you actuallly think this is an interesting beef then Cams new video got Jimmy Walker from in it pretending to be Jay. He also didnt seem to clued up on the fact that they were indirectly dissing him by saying Jay resembled him, as in, weird looking. Here is what he says:

I don't really know, to tell you the honest-to-goodness truth," the 58-year-old said about the video's plot. "There was actually no script. You know me, I did a lot of improv. They said just follow the action and go for it. They rolled up the video and I did what I do. ... I did my thing and everyone seemed to be happy with it."Cam'ron took some girls from me [in the video]," Walker added, providing a little more insight. "I gave my look, my thing I do. There was a little upsetness. He had his posse with him. I didn't have a posse so his posse out-dueled my posse, but that's it."

Still, on the whole beef thing, Boooring.

Anyway, Jimmy has an interesting view on life and politics though, i'd never have known until stumbling upon his website where he is MR. Right Wing. Pretty much has a staunch far right view on everyhing, which he is entitled to I suppose, but I would never have thought this goofy dude from back in the day was like that and all mad at everyone, still, it takes all types I guess. Check him out at: